Lazy 5 Field Trip Fun

feeding babies

Our annual Lazy 5 Ranch field trip started our autumn schooling off with a bang this morning. There’s something about this trip that really pulls me into our school year.  I get excited for all the fun things we get to do together (at home and on field trips with friends) and for all the things we will learn together this year.  Right about now, we are inching past the slump that often comes with getting back into the swing of {Read More}

Joining Modern Times, Dating Again, and Digging in the Dirt {Week in Review}

Peyton Planting Flowers

Let me start with a disclaimer- all the photos in this post are phone pics. I finally joined modern times and got an iPhone after my cell phone died last week. I have to admit, I coveted an iPhone solely for the camera and Instagram.  Forget using the phone for calls… I just want Instagram! You’ll have to forgive the less than perfect photos and the million different filters.  Turns out there is a lot to learn about taking a good {Read More}

Here We Are


It’s been silent for quite some time here. At first it was too hard to sit at my keyboard and type when my heart just wasn’t in it. To pick up my camera and document a broken life I wasn’t happy living. And then my marriage was restored! Rob and I turned our focus toward rebuilding our marriage and getting our family back under one roof as quickly as possible -which was no easy thing since I sold our home and moved to a {Read More}

My Favorite Dairy-Free Homemade Bread Recipe

Dairy-Free Bread Recipe

I’ve always loved bread, but since going dairy-free, I really eat more bread than ever before. Finding a good store-bought dairy-free bread is nearly impossible.  If you are avoiding soy and/or egg too, then you are really out of luck at the grocery store! This is a great bread for many people with food sensitivities and allergies. It contains only one of the ‘big 8′ allergens- wheat. Making bread often seems like a daunting task if you’ve never tried it {Read More}

Friday Quick Takes

Hopscotch at Gami's

Playing Hopscotch I was flooded with happy memories as I watched my girls play hopscotch on the same sidewalk where I drew hundreds of hopscotch games during my girlhood.  At this particular Grandma’s house, I had only girl cousins.  I don’t know how many hours we spent on the sidewalk hopscotch boards during those years- but I know it was a lot! I can still picture my Great-Great Aunt Nancy sitting on that stoop, watching all us girls as we played. {Read More}