2 Things You Must Do Before Taking a Loved One to the Emergency Room

2 Things You Must Do Before Taking a Loved One to the Emergency Room

After several trips to the hospital with my husband this month, I have some tips for helping your loved one through a hospital stay. Today lets talk about the two things you absolutely must do before taking your loved one to the emergency room. Everything else can wait, but these two things will make your life easier during your hospital stay. 1. Grab a phone charger Your phone is your lifeline while at the hospital with a loved one. Whether staying for just {Read More}

Play, Learn, and Return with Sparkbox Toys {review}

Smartbox Toys Review #PlayLearnReturn.

My toddler rarely plays with toys, except when those toys are brand new. He is quickly bored, and shows very little interest in his basket of toys. He’d rather empty cabinets, steal his big siblings toys (with tiny pieces of course), or play with regular household items (the broom, bowls and spoons, remotes, etc). With SPARKBOX TOYS, Jonathan can receive four new toys every month to play with. When he outgrows or tires of them, I just mail them back. No {Read More}

20 Awesome Easter Basket Ideas for Owl Loving Girls

20 Easter Basket Ideas for an owl obsessed girl

Do you have an owl obsessed preteen or teen girl in your house? I sure do! My daughter is going to love the owl themed Easter basket I have planned for her this year! I thought I’d share some of the adorable owl Easter basket fillers I’ve found so far. I usually reuse the Easter basket she’s had since her first Easter, but this year I’m leaning toward filling an owl shaped waste basket instead, it’s just so adorable and {Read More}

First Kid Free Night in Years- and it was Horrible!

Daddy's get well buddy. #tiredofthehospital #but #thankfulforhighpoweredantibiotics #andpainmeds #postoperationcomplications

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that we spent the majority of the last several weeks in the hospital after my husband had scary unexplained abdominal pain. It turned out to be a rare malformation of the intestines which effects only 2% of the population… and of that 2% only 4-6% ever experience complications… of those complications only 6% require surgery.  (Thanks Wikipedia) Rob’s ended with a rupture and emergency surgery. A photo posted by Amanda (@bigfamilyblessings) on {Read More}

Integrating Critical Thinking and World History {review}

Integrating Critical Thinking and World History- Review of Wold History Detective Book 1 by The Critical Thinking Co.

I am a big fan of  The Critical Thinking Co. Each year’s school planning always includes a Critical Thinking Co. catalog with many dog-eared pages and post-it notes on products high on my wish list. This month I jumped on the opportunity to review The World History Detective Book 1 – Ancient and Medieval World Civilizations. Plan to use World History Detective Book 1 either as a stand alone textbook, or as a supplement. While content skills are based on typical 6th and 7th {Read More}