Where we are now {broken}

Moving Forward

Sitting down to write this post feels like a bad dream. Less than two weeks ago, I would have said my family, my marriage came through a war on top- we won, we overcame. Life was good, God was good. We had love, friendship, a wonderful life, and big dreams. One minute I was dreaming of our family’s new farm life, cuddled up with my husband in candlelight on our front porch swing; plotting business plans, vacation adventures, and farm additions.Then less {Read More}

Clover the Pig- or Craigslist Addiction Strikes Again

Teaching Clover the pig to walk on a leash

  That little Craigslist addiction we talked about…well, it resulted in Miriam getting a piglet for her 11th birthday.   How I love to scroll down the Farm & Garden section of Craigslist clicking on all the cute, adorable pets and livestock.  I tell myself that I’m just seeing what’s out there so I’ll know what I’m looking for in the coming years as we whip our barn and pasture into shape.  The existing chicken coop doesn’t look very secure; {Read More}

Entering Tween Territory

Farm Life

Somehow I became the mother of a ‘tween’ today.  How did that happen? Eleven years- really???  Just last week I cuddled her in bed listening to her quavery two-year old voice as she ‘read’ me her favorite bedtime story. And a few days before that I’d ask her, “What does the chicken say?” a million times a day just to hear her adorable”Buck-Buck-Buh-Guck” answer. And yesterday, I know, was the first night she slept in a ‘big girl’ bed with her little sister tucked in {Read More}

Craigslist Addiction Pays Off

Not sure who is happier

Remember last week when I mentioned my addiction to the ‘farm & garden’ section on Craigslist? Well…. While vacationing in another state this week I pulled up the local Craigslist page and {of course} clicked on the ‘farm & garden’ link.  I always scroll down the page clicking any listing that is interesting, whether or not I’m in the market for that actual item (or living thing.) So, cuddled up with Rob on the couch, I began clicking down the listings.  When {Read More}

Lazy 5 Field Trip Fun

feeding babies

Our annual Lazy 5 Ranch field trip started our autumn schooling off with a bang this morning. There’s something about this trip that really pulls me into our school year.  I get excited for all the fun things we get to do together (at home and on field trips with friends) and for all the things we will learn together this year.  Right about now, we are inching past the slump that often comes with getting back into the swing of {Read More}