My Favorite Dairy-Free Homemade Bread Recipe

Dairy-Free Bread Recipe

I’ve always loved bread, but since going dairy-free, I really eat more bread than ever before. Finding a good store-bought dairy-free bread is nearly impossible.  If you are avoiding soy and/or egg too, then you are really out of luck at the grocery store! This is a great bread for many people with food sensitivities and allergies. It contains only one of the ‘big 8′ allergens- wheat. Making bread often seems like a daunting task if you’ve never tried it {Read More}

Friday Quick Takes

Hopscotch at Gami's

Playing Hopscotch I was flooded with happy memories as I watched my girls play hopscotch on the same sidewalk where I drew hundreds of hopscotch games during my girlhood.  At this particular Grandma’s house, I had only girl cousins.  I don’t know how many hours we spent on the sidewalk hopscotch boards during those years- but I know it was a lot! I can still picture my Great-Great Aunt Nancy sitting on that stoop, watching all us girls as we played. {Read More}

Country Living Equals Dirt and Adventure!

Porch Swing

This is the perfect time of year to move to the country.  The kids and I are enjoying school work on the back porch and long afternoons in the front yard swinging and playing. I’ve never been one to worry about bathing my kids on a regular schedule, but here there is no getting around it.  In Charlotte the kids bathtub looked clean for two weeks after cleaning day, here it sports a black ring after just one bath!  We head {Read More}

A Ginormous Thank You

I’ve been working on this post for weeks, but cannot find sufficient words to express the gratitude I feel toward the many, many friends who stepped up to help the children and me during the hardest time in our lives. Each time I sit down to write, the tears blind me as I try to list the blessings poured on us by our friends during the past two months. When I could barely function multiple friends made sure the kids and I ate. My friends, {Read More}

DIY Grass Head Pots

DIY Grass Head Pots

Remember Chia Pets? I never had one of my own, but I remember how cool they looked in commercials during Saturday morning cartoons.  It seems that they are making a comeback, and my kids started asking for their own Chia Pets recently. I thought surely we could make something similar that would be more fun and much cheaper too. My kids loved making their own version of the Chia Pets.  We call them Grass Head Pots.  What fun it was to {Read More}