A (mostly) Jenny Cat Friday Phone Dump

Jenny Cat Phone Dump

Scenes from our week (mostly) with Jenny Cat School’s out for summer! Yippee! Jenny Cat doesn’t look too thrilled with Jon’s favorite pastime of hug and kiss the kitty, but she is the most tolerant kitten in the world. She never runs when she sees him coming, and she doesn’t try to escape his extreme love. Even better she doesn’t bite or scratch…ever!At least she (and Smokey) get sweet snuggles and love from the big kids. I don’t know if {Read More}

10 Frugal Tips for Buying Homeschool Curriculum You Want on a Budget

10 Frugal Tips for buying homeschool curriculum you actually want on a budget!

Homeschooling can get expensive fast! How do you buy pricey curriculum for your children on a budget? Budget is a high priority for me when buying homeschool curriculum, but at the same time I don’t want to make curriculum choices based solely on cost. I want to choose the curriculum that best fits my child regardless of the price tag. That often leaves me with finding creative ways to stretch my homeschool budget. Today I’m sharing my favorite frugal tips {Read More}

Help for the {not so} Pleasant Changes of Motherhood

Help for the pregnant and postpartum Momma

When you become a mother your body changes- everyone knows that. A growing belly is hard to ignore or overlook! But, some of the physical changes that come along with carrying and birthing a child can take a new Mom off guard. Well meaning advice givers rarely tell you about the not so pleasant physical changes that come as a result of carrying a baby for nine months and delivering that baby. Anyone who’s been very pregnant (and let’s be real, {Read More}

Horsing Around Once-a-Week Unit Study {Review}

Learn as a family with Homeschool Legacy's Once-a-Week Horsing Around Unity Study. Perfect for grade 2-12, Minimal teach prep, and fun fun fun!

My 10-year-old, Rebekah, is crazy about horses. So, when Horsing Around, a once a week unity study by Homeschool Legacy arrived she could not wait to begin our review. Its been a crazy year, with a very recent long break while Rob went through surgery and recovery. None of the kids were very excited about the return to school days after a break which consisted of playing with fun grandparents all day most days. This Horsing Around unit study arrived at {Read More}

Enjoying the Taste of Summer – Picnic Style {Giveaway}

Enjoy the taste of summer with Suddenly Salad, and easy picnic ideas. Plus enter to win $15 Paypal Cash Giveaway!

Summer weather is here. For my family that means lots of picnics! I have to admit that most of our ‘picnics’ are just lunch or dinner served in the backyard because I’m just trying to keep my filthy, dirty crew out of the house while they eat. When these kids head out the door in the morning to play, they end up covered in dirt immediately. The last thing I want is to let them back in the house to {Read More}

S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright {Review}

Teach your preschooler the ABCs with S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright. A new take on ABCs with an alphabet book focusing on positive concepts and values AND the alphabet. Includes fun rhymes teaching vocabulary, language and good character.

My preschooler turns 4 at the end of this month. She’s just beginning to take interest in ‘doing school’ like her big siblings, so my first goal is to teach her to recognize the alphabet. When S is for Smiling Sunrise, came for us to review she could not believe a ‘school’ book came in the mail just for her! This adorable full-color hardback book with audio CD included is written by Vick Wadhwa and published by WordsBright. The song {Read More}

9 Fun Board Games for Kindergarten- that Mom will Enjoy Playing too!

9 Fun Board Games for Kindergarten- that Mom will actually enjoy playing too! So many games for this age are mind numbing for an adult to play. These 9 board and card games are fun for the whole family!

My kindergartener’s love language is board games. If we haven’t played a board game together in a few days, she thinks we’ve had no time together at all. I will tuck her into bed and notice her teary eyes. She’ll say, “Mom, when are we going to play a game together?” Often I’ll remind her that we went shopping just the two of us, read a million library books, spent an hour on the porch swing, or baked together. But, {Read More}

Wednesday Wrap Up – iPhone style.

Putting Clover to bed

It feels like the week is over, since our ‘weekend’ starts today. When your husband works shift-work and your family homeschools, it feels like that. Our ‘weekends’ very rarely actually consist of Saturday and Sunday! Kittens! If you follow along on Instagram you know we added to kittens to our growing menagerie. Meet Smokey and Jenny! Jon’s new favorite pastime is scoop and run. Thankfully the kittens are so very tolerant and he has surprisingly few scratches/ These two will be {Read More}

Spread the Love – Win a 2K Grant for a Favorite Community Project

Everyone benefits from the love of an animal

I am a firm believer that relationships with animals benefit all people greatly. A few minutes with an animal can turn a bad day around. When my kids are grumpy, fighting with a sibling, overwhelmed with school work, frustrated with me, tired, lonely, you name it… I send them outside for a few minutes with our animals and their mood usually turns right around! I find the same for myself. When I’m over-tired and having a rough day, stealing away {Read More}

Let the Planning Begin

Math in the sunshine. #miriamalayna #emilylillian

It’s that time again- homeschool planning for next year. Truthfully, I’ve put off next year’s planning.  Bummed that the last two years haven’t gone well, feeling behind again, worried we’d miss most of the beautiful summer to finish up this year’s work. Then this weekend, the clouds parted as I filled out May assignment sheets. It turns out, we ARE going to finish our current school before June. Hallelujah! It’s not perfect, but I’ll feel confident calling their current grade levels {Read More}