Crush the Cups with Cameron’s Coffee

cameron's coffee

Coffee is a necessity in my life.  Of course it is- I have 6 children! My last full night of sleep was probably in 2003. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to coffee. When I shut my eyes at night, my last thought is often about the cup of coffee I’ll get as soon as I wake up. My children know that Mommy needs her morning coffee in hand before answering any questions. Any words hitting my ears before that first {Read More}

Easing into Christmas


I’ve tried to slowly dip my toes into the Christmas thing this year. It’s been more low key- less Christmas music, less crafting and cookie making, less talk about Christmas morning excitement. It’s an understated, mindful Christmas season. This year I dreaded decorating for Christmas- as much due to the inevitable battles over Christmas decor with the busy toddler as anything else!I am grateful that I didn’t have to decorate with our decorations this year, with our brokeness so fresh. Our tree, {Read More}

Online Learning with {Review}

special schoolhouse

This school year has been more than a little rocky. So, when I was asked to review a Yearly Membership to, a website with many online classes plus helpful printables, I knew it was the perfect product for me! is the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. The website offers more than 100 classes for preschoolers through high schoolers and even several courses for parents. The beauty of this website is it can be used as the core of your {Read More}

Quick and Easy Salsa Cilantro Julienne Potato Bake + Giveaway

Cilantro Salsa Potato Bake

Nearly without fail my favorite holiday memories take place in the kitchen- whether at my childhood home, or at my grandmothers’ homes. No memory gives me warm fuzzy feelings like the thoughts of those crowded kitchens, with every available chair squeezed around the tables- the hum of the adults’ voices from the big table as my cousins and I sat nearby at the kid’s table, our plates piled high with tasty dishes. Now as a mom, I want to create those same {Read More}

Airsoft- One Year Later

Act with purpose

Last Christmas, Michael’s big present was an airsoft gun. The plan was that he would shoot it Christmas week supervised, and then earn the ability to shoot it independently in the backyard. But, the gun ended up being too hard for him to rack. He would only be able to shoot it, until he grew, when his Dad was available to shoot with him. He shot his gun two afternoons that week… nearly a year ago. Then life happened. We had {Read More}