Moving forward

One thing I never worried about in life- my marriage.  My husband has always been a man of his word, and his first priority was our family.  I trusted him in all things. We believed marriage was forever.  Until he didn’t. Together, we lived and loved this crazy, wonderful life we created.  Best friends since 17 years old,  we were amazing partners at this thing called life. Sure life was rarely easy and always busy- but no matter what, it was us {Read More}

Nursing a Baby the 6th Time Around

Momma's Boy

Nursing a baby is one of my favorite parts of babyhood, especially as baby starts smiling up at me while we nurse, or rubs my arm, or stops to coo and talk between sips. When Miriam was a baby I sat in my rocking chair for almost every feeding, enjoying her, relaxing, and often praying over her while she ate.  In fact, we leisurely rocked so often while nursing that on our first vacation, there was no rocking chair so {Read More}

Squeezing Adventure In…

Carowinds adventure

I have never been one to allow the size of my family or young age of my kids to stop us from adventuring. Sure sometimes I end up in over my head, but usually our outings are wonderful…even if I end up exhausted and in bed asleep before the bigger kids turn out their reading lamps! Even though our life is in a tailspin I don’t want to miss these months of my children’s lives.  This weekend we walked away {Read More}

9 Ways You Know You Are a Momtographer

9 Ways you know you are a momtographer

You know you are a Momtographer or MWAC (Mom With A Camera) when: 1.  You choose your paint colors and furniture based on how they will look as a backdrop for your photos. Regretting that red plaid couch I had to have 10 years ago! 2. If you are buying a new house “good light” is first on your wish list. 2. You buy your kids clothes based on how they will look in a photograph- lots of texture, pattern {Read More}

Oh the Joy of a Boy


I asked him to change his clothes this morning and he points at what he is already wearing …”when did you put those on?” He answers, “Yesterday morning…”   He comes out of the bathroom and I say, “Did you wash your hands?” (yes Mommy)  With soap? (shrugs shoulders and grins)  It’s not washing without soap!” Sheepishly, he turns around and heads back into the bathroom. He plays outside and gets filthy dirty.  Later he gets out of his bath {Read More}