Rebekah’s Horses {Almost Wordless Wednesday}

Rebekah in Charlottesville

This girl would have been happy to spend her entire vacation with the horses. Happy to wait and watch them in the pasture. Even happier when they came to hang out with her at the fence.

Pre-Algebra with UnLock Math {Review}

My oldest daughter starts Pre-Algebra this year. Pre-Algebra! How did that happen? I blinked and moved from choosing Pre-School math to Pre-Algebra! I’ve been confident teaching her myself with just a teacher’s manual as help for all these years. But, as we move toward upper level math, I want to be sure she has longer instruction for each lesson with more examples before moving to the independent work.  While our current curriculum and teaching has been more than adequate, I worry that {Read More}

Our Charlottesville Vacation Recap- (2nd half)

Mini Golf in Charlottesville

Read about the 1st half our our Charlottesville trip here. Day three of our trip brought a perfectly cool, cloudy morning, which we spent playing Mini Golf. Or I should say trying to play Mini Golf. We made it about halfway through the course before realizing there was no real sport playing with Jonathan chasing all of our balls!  Or with Emily, whose version of ‘my turn’ was to put the ball as close as possible to the hole, before putting {Read More}

Our Charlottesville Vacation Recap- (1st half)


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I braved my first vacation as a single mom earlier this month. I am no stranger to adventure alone with my crew- but this was pretty big and I was definitely nervous. But, since the vacation was long ago paid for, and the kids’ countdown of excitement began in January, I pushed ahead. I’m so glad I did! We pulled out of the driveway, excited for our adventure. Stopping along the {Read More}

Growing up {Almost Wordless Wednesday}

Peyton Snaggletooth

Peyton finally lost her first tooth. She’s been impatiently waiting for 6 months!And this nearly 12-year-old girl. I just couldn’t get over how grown up she looked on Sunday.

Back To School with Sadie Robertson {Giveaway}

Back to School with Sadie Robertson. Check out these awesome school supplies by Sadie of Duck Dynasty. Enter to win a $25 Certificate to Family Christian to buy your own adorable "Live Original" school supplies.

My tween girls think brand new school supplies are the best thing about beginning a new school year. Picking out crisp notebooks and school supplies in beautiful colors and patterns is their back to school love language! My girls and I were so excited for the opportunity to review Sadie Robertson’s new line of school supplies from Family Christian. We all love Duck Dynasty in this house.  Tween girls included! Sadie’s message- Don’t live like a copy of someone else. Live Original is perfect {Read More}

Smart Snacking on Vacation – for Mom! {Giveaway}

Smart Snacking on Vacation. Moms need to eat too!

This week, while on vacation with my crew, I broke all the rules about meals and snacks for my kids. We had sandwiches and fruit of course, but I said ‘yes’ to all the things I would normally say ‘no’ to. There were cheese balls and cookies, sugary breakfasts, and juice boxes galore… pool snack, afternoon snack, bedtime snack, and all the snacks in-between! Hungry kids are cranky kids, and I must say free access to all their favorite ‘sometimes’ {Read More}

When Dreams Come True

Dreams come true horse trail riding

For as long as she can remember, Rebekah’s greatest dreams involve horses. She reads about horses, draws pictures of horses, writes stories about horses. Months ago, after booking our family vacation, I promised her a horseback trail ride. She has impatiently counted down the months and days until the opportunity came. Then, 2 weeks before the anticipated vacation I called to schedule her ride, only to find out that the rules require an adult on the ride with minors. I would {Read More}

No fuss, No Whining Method to Get Kids Practicing Math Facts this Summer

This summer I've found a great way to get my kids to practice their math facts every day. Better yet, it's a no fuss, no whining, no arguing method to get children practicing math facts during summer break. And it's so simple!

Every teacher knows that it is important for students to continue practicing math facts during summer break. For homeschool teachers, it’s especially clear that this extra, continued practice is very important. Nothing is worse than a child who blanks on basic math facts that first week or two of school. It’s not a fun way to begin the year, that’s for sure! This summer I’ve found a great way to get my kids to practice their math facts every day. {Read More}

Teach Cursive the Easy Way with CursiveLogic {Review}

Cursive Logic

Teaching cursive can be a daunting task. Most public schools don’t even try to teach children cursive anymore! Regardless, I still believe cursive is an important skill to for my children to master. Cursive allows for quicker writing and note taking, not to mention it is just more professional and even prettier when corresponding in writing. So far, two of my children write in cursive- both girls…but now it’s time to teach my first son. The girls were motivated, wanting {Read More}