You’ll Get Through This {Book Review + Giveaway}

You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado Review + $25 Giveaway

It’s no secret that I’m going through a very hard time. There are days I’m not sure I will get through it. I know, in my head, that God’s got this. But, my heart? It often begs to differ. I wonder if this shattered life, shattered heart will ever feel whole and safe again? Seriously, how do you recover from something like this? Worse, how do children come out whole after it? In the middle of the worst heartbreak, I {Read More}

Our Haven at the Lake


Sometimes packing up and getting away from it all is the best answer. I put our house up for sale last week. The prospect of keeping it show ready with 6 children is nerve-wracking. 6 children can wreck a house in a hurry. Two days before listing, this house looked like World War 3 just happened. A long week of a Momma struggling to keep up, plus a passel of kiddos with a stomach bug (requiring laundry mat visits for at least {Read More}

Got Mama’s Milk? {almost Wordless Wednesday}

Got Mama's Milk?

11 years of babies wearing this shirt- “Got Mama’s Milk?” He is the last. The shirt is worn and dingy, but it is the reminder of over a decade of nursing my crew. 6 babies. Soon to be 12 years (and counting) of nursing those babies.

Avoid Traveling Meltdowns with these 2 Easy Tips

Travel Tips Pin

Adventure- the kids and I, we thrive on adventure. Even before becoming a single mom, I often adventured alone with my crew- but only for day trips. Later this summer I’ll take my 6 on our first family vacation as a single mom. Traveling with children, even in the best circumstances, can be overwhelming. Especially when facing a very long drive, a toddler who dislikes his carseat and a preschooler needing frequent sudden potty trips. Add to that getting everything packed {Read More}

Tales from the Circle C Ranch {review}

Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review

My 10-year-old loves horses and identifies herself as a ‘tomboy.’ Reading doesn’t come easy for her, so unless its mandatory reading time or assigned reading, she must really be interested in a book to choose to read on her own time. I struggle to find reading material she will truly enjoy. When I was offered a book for review called Tales from the Circle C Ranch by Susan K. Marlow, I thought it might be a perfect fit for my 10-year-old. Its a {Read More}

Happy Anniversary to Me…

Happy Anniversary to me

It’s just unfathomable that I am here, single, on my 14th anniversary. But, I guess no one goes into marriage expecting to fail. What would I tell that young woman about what she would face? Would I tell her to run? Probably. I know that without my marriage I wouldn’t be blessed with this beautiful crew- but I also wouldn’t be a single mom. And I wouldn’t have children facing life in a broken family. I can’t fathom walking away {Read More}

Carrying on the tradition of Star Wars

Carrying on the Star Wars Tradition with Limited Edition Cereal

I remember, as a girl, how much I loved to watch Star Wars with my Dad. This year, the tradition continued as my Dad introduced Star Wars to my son. If you are following our family situation, you can probably imagine how extra glad I am that Michael has my Dad for creating similar traditions and memories.  When I told Michael that he got to be one of the first people to eat a new Limited Edition Cereal from Star Wars he immediately wanted {Read More}

Lawnmower – zero, Momma – two


I’ve only mowed a yard a few times in my life. I wasn’t even sure how to turn the lawn mower on! But, Miriam learned to mow in the past few months, and she enjoys it. Between the two of us we got the mower running and made a plan to tag team. One of us mowing, the other watching the youngest of the crew inside. Miriam elected to take the first shift on the mower, but less than one {Read More}

Single Momma…again

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As it turns out, I’m going to be a single Mom after all. The weight of that is just as huge as it was the first time. There’s more to say, of course, but right now I just can’t. I have no idea what the future holds, or what even tomorrow holds for that matter. I tell myself just one day… one moment at the time. I just want to be done with here…done living out of suitcases for months {Read More}

Healthy Eating Starts with MyPlate {Giveaway}

Healthy Eating Starts with MyPlate from Fresh Baby.  This fun colorful plate makes serving a balanced meal to your toddler or preschooler a breeze. Great for my picky eater! Enter to win your own MyPlate set and Apron!

Do you have trouble with a picky eater? I have several! It’s hard to explain to young children about eating healthy food, and often even harder to teach that a balanced diet is necessary. I have one child happiest eating nothing but rice and grains, and several others happy to live on nothing but fruit. Fresh Baby makes this adorable MyPlate to help parents and children eat healthy and balanced meals. Isn’t it cute? I love that it’s not only sectioned, but the sections {Read More}