Dancing Sisters

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Get ready for a photo overload!  These are the quick photos I snapped right after dress rehearsal, I couldn’t do any full length since they were wearing their Crocs!  Now that dance is over for the year and their ballet shoes are getting too tight I’m not worried about taking them outside for portraits and messing their shoes up-maybe we will find time for a real portrait session after our move later this summer.

The girls danced beautifully in their recital.  We were so proud of them! Both girls have enjoyed dancing this year.  I’ve seen them grow in poise and confidence.  So much of their personalities showed through in dance class.  Miriam was ever the perfectionist, taking care to dance correctly and serious about getting it right.  I loved watching her triumphant smiles when mastered a new move.  She dances with grace and care.During dance class I could often hear Rebekah’s laughter all the way in the waiting area.  Dance for her is all about having fun and spending time with friends.  She dances with joy and enthusiasm.  Her dance is always energetic and full of excitement.

We aren’t certain that the girls will dance next year.  Our move will take us too far from our current studio.  With the end of this year being filled with 4 nights of dance and sports and Saturday games I look forward to cutting some things to have more free nights next year.  At the same time I hate to stop something that the girls loved, but they love everything we’ve done and we can’t possibly do it all!  I think one of my biggest worries is that my children will feel that they were deprived due to having many siblings.  Even if there were only two children in our family we’d still need to make decisions regarding extracurricular activities.  Still I worry…I guess that is what Mothers do.

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