Halloween Corner bookmark

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This adorable Jack-o-lantern corner bookmark is a great Halloween craft project to enjoy with your kids.

These jack-o-lantern bookmarks are a simple and quick craft, perfect for celebrating Halloween with your kids.

This fun Halloween origami bookmark makes reading fun during the Halloween season. Grab your favorite spooky book and get to reading with this spooktacular bookmark.

Halloween Corner Bookmark 


  • Orange craft paper or origami paper
  • Template
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


Grab an orange piece of origami paper, or cut a square piece of orange craft paper. 

Step 2:

Fold the square in half diagonally to create a triangle, making sure the edges match evenly.

Then fold the triangle in half, and open up the fold, creating a crease in the middle. 

Now take the right corner of the triangle and bring down towards the bottom, folding it along the crease you created in the previous step.

Fold the left corner in the same way.

Open up the corners you just folded. Then, bring only the top layer of the bottom corner up to the top. (as pictured below). Crease that fold.

Take the right corner, and fold it along the crease again. 

Now, take the bottom of the triangle you just folded down and fold it inside the gap above. 

Now do the same thing on with the left side.

 Now the origami corner bookmark is ready.

Use the template to cut the bookmark into a pumpkin shape. 

Using an orange marker draw stripes on the pumpkin. 

Now cut out the stem, eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin using the template. Color the face yellow and the stem green. 

Glue the jack-o-lantern face on to the pumpkin. Then glue the pumpkin stem to the top of the bookmark.

Your jack-o-lantern bookmark is ready! Grab your favorite Halloween book and start reading!

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