4th of July Traditions to Start with your Family this Year

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Fourth of July is a time when we celebrate our independence and everything we love about being an American. There are so many great ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, and great traditions you can implement with your family! Here are 10 4th of July traditions to start with your family this year!

Going to see fireworks

On July 4th, there will be a ton of firework shows! Look at your city’s community calendar and see when yours is hosting a firework show. If you don’t have a good one nearby, check other cities or towns near you for less crowded shows.


Make your own firework show at home

If you want to buy your own fireworks, and your state allows it, then why not make your own firework show? This can be a fun way to celebrate from your own backyard. Fireworks are a little pricey, so set a budget or you could end up spending hundreds on fireworks.


Hang the flag as a family

Brush up on your flag etiquette and hang the flag together as a family! This a great way to honor America as a family.


Make a Fourth of July themed craft

If you have little ones, this is a great way to celebrate! Make a fun craft as a family and get the whole family involved! There are a ton of great patriotic projects you can create that work well for children of all ages.


Attend a parade or local Fourth of July celebration

Check your community calendar! Many cities or one close by will have some sort of Fourth of July celebration! You might be able to find a carnival, parade, or a number of other celebratory activities. Sometimes these start early in the day or near the Fourth of July, so don’t wait until the day of to find an event.


Have a cookout 

Break out the grill and have a cookout! Grill your favorite foods and enjoy a picnic outdoors to finish off the day.


Make a patriotic treat together

There are so many delicious desserts you can make that are red, white, and blue themed! Pick one and make it together as a family. You can even make something to enjoy during the fireworks!


See a movie together

If it’s really hot where you live, consider heading to the theatre for a movie during the day! This way you can beat the heat during the afternoon and catch a fun movie as a family.


Host a Fourth of July party

If you want to host a party, the Fourth of July is a great time to do it! Make a bunch of patriotic treats, fire up the grill, and enjoy time with your family and/or friends.


Wear red, white, and blue together!

Fourth of July is the perfect time to break out your red, white, and blue! Create matching outfits together each year, or just find something festive for the day.


No matter how old your kids are, these traditions will be activities they’ll look forward to year after year on the Fourth of July.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I live in Las Vegas and couldn’t find a lot of activities for Kids for July 4th– but this post just gave me ideas on how I can start my own yearly traditions without going far!

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