Easter Baskets

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Here are a few photos from Easter morning.  Emily’s first Easter basket was one of Grandma’s bread baskets.  Each of my kids have used what ever basket we could borrow or find for {at least} their first Easter.  Easter baskets are expensive and I know that by the day after Easter they will be at least half off!  If I manage to get to a store to check Easter clearance before all the baskets are gone she’ll have her own special basket next year–if not then I’ll try again the next year.

Rebekah’s favorite part of Easter morning is getting to eat chocolate for breakfast.  On Easter morning, the kids are always allowed to eat whatever they want from their baskets without restriction.  They generally have a small chocolate bunny and 2 or 3 small candies in their baskets.  Most of the time they eat a bit of the bunny and then put the rest in a sandwich bag for later.  However, I may have to reconsider that strategy after this year, since Peyton threw up right at the kitchen table after eating too much chocolate.  I’ve never ever had a child get sick or even have a belly ache before!

I didn’t get a photo of all of us dressed up for church; the weather was unexpectedly cold and we were super cute in our sleeveless dresses with sweatshirt hoodies on top.

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