Everyday Memories — Bedtime

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It’s so easy to put my camera away in the midst of messy, busy, everyday life.  I have to remind myself to capture the everydays– messy rooms, dirty faces, mismatched clothes and all.  My children’s favorite memories when they are grown won’t be of the days when they were perfectly dressed and smiling at the camera.  While they may remember fondly our impromptu adventures, I think they will more often remember everyday life- those things that whisper “home” and “family” to them.  My goal for the next year is to document more of the mundane.

So, to start I snuck in the kids’ rooms after bedtime to document them all tucked in their beds.

This summer Miriam and Rebekah were thrilled when we declared them old enough to stay up and read after the others went to bed.Reading Girls

Rebekah Reading In Bed

MIriam Reading In Bed

Peyton always sleeps with her glowing seahorse.Peyton and her seahorse

Sleaping Peyton

I couldn’t get photos of Michael in his bunk due to the darkness of his area.  I’ll need to get creative to get a good photo there.

I also took photos of Emily in her second favorite napping spot; on the couch in the midst of the noise and chaos.  Her favorite spot is of course in my arms.  I had to include a color photo too, look at that hair.  In certain light it looks auburn.Sleeping Emily

Naptime on the Couch


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