Barbie® Spy Squad – Empowering Girls & Saving the Day

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Sponsored by Barbie®.  All opinions are my own.

My girls love to play spies. They sneak around, crouch behind furniture to learn important secrets, solve mysteries and save the day.

We’ve found that spy pretend-play products and storylines are usually directed at boys, but my girls have never let that stop them. We were so excited to find that Barbie® is changing that perspective with the new action-adventure Barbie® Spy Squad dolls, based on the new action adventure Barbie Spy Squad movie. In the movie, world-class gymnast Barbie and her friends are recruited to be secret agents. They must work together to stop a cat burglar in her tracks.


Both the movie and new Spy Squad dolls send a fun, empowering message to girls, as Barbie® saves the day through teamwork and the help of her action-packed gymnastics moves.


My girls cannot wait to see the movie for themselves, but until then they are acting out their own imaginative secret agent storylines with the new Barbie® Secret Agent Doll. She flips, twists and cartwheels around the house solving world problems as a super secret spy. I love watching my girls act out the empowering storyline of saving the day together. The teamwork theme is especially important to me, as I watch my four girls play and work together, rather than in competition with each other.

The Barbie® Spy Squad Doll is ready for any mission, quickly transforming from her hot pink trench coat into a sleek purple bodysuit with utility belt. According to my girls, Barbie’s utility belt contains any tool she might need to sneakily complete her spy mission.


Barbie® is ready to flip and cartwheel to stealthily spy through out our house…or for a quick escape. Just attach the G.L.I.S.S. spy gadget to her back to enable her to flip and cartwheel into action.


Barbie® doll’s new Spy Squad movie and products continue the theme of empowering girls to be anything they want to be—whether it’s a super secret spy, a gymnast or anything else in their dreams. #YouCanBeAnything is such a great message for girls of all ages!

Get the new Barbie® Spy Squad Dolls at Walmart, Target, Amazon and Toys “R” Us. Make sure to follow Barbie® on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. My daughter has a bunch of Barbies and they all always seem to be naked whenever I stumble across them so I wonder how important the clothes that the dolls actually come dressed in are. That being said she loves playing super heroes and spy with her brother and her favorite show is ODD SQUAD so this seems like a doll she’d probably adore.

  2. My daughter used to love spy shows and movies. She would have really liked playing with Barbie Spy Squad.

  3. My girls are really into Barbie right now so it surprises me that we haven’t heard of this one already. I am going to have to see if I know something they don’t for a change!

  4. I love the new Spy Squad Barbie dolls. They definitely give kids another way to use their imagination while playing.

  5. Wonderful dolls! We don’t have any Barbies yet (just Disney Princesses) and we just used reward points to get Cars 2 which is very James Bond … I bet my girls would enjoy this Barbie!

  6. My daughter would absolutely flip over this Barbie. She loves playing superhero and spy with her brother. It sure doesn’t have to be all girly and princess!!

  7. Wicked cute toy!

    I wish the toy aisle wasn’t so crazily gendered of “boys” and “girls” toys. Boys can play with Baribies & girls can play with GI Joe!

  8. Yes so true I wish they would start directing toys to both boys and girls. Because lets face it when I was a girl I loved climbing up trees and playing with Action Man.

  9. I just remembered the sweet smell of a new Barbie toy from childhood and imagined how many I would buy when I have kids, pretending I’ve got the dolls for the kids. I hope I’ll have a daughter!
    Your daughter looks so happy!

  10. I love this! My daughter has been telling me for the past several months that she plans to be a spy with her cover job as a turtle biologist, so this would be perfect for her 🙂 I especially love the pink hair!

  11. My daughter would absolutely love this! She just turned 4 and has become obsessed with Barbies…but at the same time, she is always playing with my 5 yr old nephew so naturally, action/adventure/super heroes, etc. has also become part of her.

  12. Oh I LOVE the way Barbie is stepping up and changing their products to be more relate-able. It’s great to see big companies creating products for EVERY kind of boy/girl!

  13. I just love that Barbie is timeless! I loved Barbie as a child, I am no spring chicken! This is a great Spy Barbie! I am going to get this for my nieces Easter Basket, she will loved this!

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