Happy 4th Birthday Peyton Ruth!

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Peyton's 4th Birthday


Some birthdays are difficult for me; the reality of time speeding by and my children growing hits me hard.  Surprisingly Peyton’s 4th birthday isn’t one of those times.  She’s so articulate and smart that I often forgot she was only three years old.  I think she has been a 4-year-old in my mind for a while already.

I think Peyton will always be our baby no matter what age she is.  I know she isn’t the very youngest in our family, but still she gets ‘baby’ status.  It’s not just me either- we all treat her like our baby.  This isn’t completely due to her birth order.  There is something about winning her smile that makes the receiver feel like the most special and important person on the planet.  All of us seek that smile and for that reason Peyton is probably quite spoiled.

I remember how big I thought Miriam and Rebekah were at 4-years-old, and how much I often expected of them.  Now, four seems so very young and small.  We say, “Peyton, can do no wrong!”   Between her sweet personality and us learning more age appropriate expectations it does seem that she can do no wrong.  She may get fussed at every once in a while for being mean to a sibling- but that is about the only reprimand she ever needs.  If she does anything else wrong her siblings often cover for her- they are enchanted with her!

Peyton is the sunshine in our family, our icing on the cake.  She is happy and easy-going; always smiling and singing.  She’s just as happy playing ninjas with her brother as house with her sisters.  While I’d be happy to pause her right here in the middle of one of her “shows” or “LaLa songs” I know that growing up is going to agree with her.  She will be an amazing and lovely 4-year-old!


Happy Birthday Peyton

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  1. I Love Peyton!! She is such a joy! I love how comfortable she is talking to grown ups, and I love to hear her stories!!! Happy birthday Peyton!!

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