Growing with Cats

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My children begged for kittens for many years. I finally relented when the oldest children promised to take on caring for the cats.Growing with cats

As the younger children and the kittens grew, my little girls began taking over the cat responsibilities. Now that Emily is 5, she helps her 7-year-old sister feed the cats every day.

Growing with cats

The cats love our whole family, but they love the little girls who feed them most of all. They come running for cuddles and attention each time the little girls call. Even when that love seems too intense and overbearing.2016-07-29_0043

Emily just started feeding the cats Purina Pro Plan wet food, formulated with advanced nutrition specifically to help our cat thrive. Smokey comes running as soon as the can top pops open. Purina Pro Plan

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  1. Kids DO grow up so fast, don’t they? I remember when mine were first starting school. Now, they’ve both left home and live on their own. We think we are raising our kids, but you don’t realize how much you learn from them and enjoy their presence until they start growing up.

  2. We have 5 cats. My kids have always had cats. When my youngest was barely talking, we found a stray kitten. She lived to be almost 20, so my kids literally grew up with her. She loved them very much. We fed her Purina Senior varieties. It’s important to feed our friends good food.

  3. I remember a poster that my sister had when we were kids that had two kittens on it and read, and I quote, “Cats are such agreeable pets. They ask no questions, pass no criticism.” That’s what cats are all about.

  4. This is so cute, they look like a great team! I love cats and so do my children, unfortunately my husband is allergic to them. We do have two dogs though and adore them.

  5. It’s great that your girls are responsible enough to feed the cats daily. My oldest daughter would love to have a cat, but I think out two dogs would not be happy campers.

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