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I survive single motherhood with a pot of coffee each morning and the occasional glass of wine in the evening, so even with regular brushing my teeth become stained. When Smile Brilliant contacted me to review their professional at home teeth whitening system I jumped at the chance!
Smile Brilliant offers affordable teeth whitening at home, perfect for busy moms like me! Not only is professional teeth whitening at my dentist expensive, but it also requires finding childcare for my kids – or dragging them all to the dentist’s office with me! Smile Brilliant allows me to whiten my teeth at home after I put my kids in bed for the night.

The Smile Brilliant System

When you order a kit from Smile Brilliant you’ll receive everything you need to whiten your teeth safely at home.
Simply create molds of your teeth and mail them back to Smile Brilliant. Creating the molds is really easy thanks to the included instructions filled with many photos. Let the molds dry, then mail them back to Smile Brilliant, where they will create perfectly fitted trays of your teeth. Once your trays return in the mail you are ready to begin the easy whitening process. You’ll need to wait at least 2 hours to eat or drink after whitening, so just before bedtime is a great time to use the system.
Squeeze whitening gel in the flexible teeth molds, then wear the molds for 1 to 3 hours. Next, follow up with a tray filled with desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes if you have sensitive teeth.

My Experience

Since I’d never whitened my teeth before I didn’t know what to expect, I simply knew I wasn’t confident with my stained smile.

The step-by-step instructions with photos in the Smile Brilliant kit took away all the uncertainty that came with whitening my teeth for the first time. From the ease of making my teeth molds to the whitening process I always knew exactly what to do thanks to the photo heavy instruction pamphlet. I used my kit for the first time 4 months ago using the whitening gel every other day for a total of three days. The results were amazing!
What I love most about Smile Brilliant is the easy maintenance that is possible. Once I achieved my desired whiteness I simply use the Smile Brilliant system to maintain the whiteness of my teeth. Once every two or three months I touch up my witness with an hour-long sessions for two days.
In fact, after 4 months of use I love the system and results so much that I’m getting ready to order my first refills!
 Smile Brillant is a wonderful way to whiten your teeth affordably at home! Learn more about what you should know before buying Smile Brilliant.
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