Great Eight

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Great Eight!


Happy 8th birthday to my original ‘toddler monster’ who gives me faith that our current toddler monster will eventually grow into a wonderful, loving and sweet little girl.


Time Flies


If you know Rebekah now, but didn’t know her as a toddler it is probably hard to believe that she was my toughest toddler.

Two summers in a row we bought Rebekah t-shirts that read “Cute but Crabby” because it was such a perfect description.  It was a rough two years.  Then her 3rd birthday came and **poof** unpredictable, fit throwing Bekah was replaced with a happy and loving child.  Sure, she still had tough moments, but each day she left more and more of the toddler monster behind.


Cute but Crabby


Now Rebekah is the most loving child.  She loves to snuggle close and give hugs.  She’s able to find the positive in any situation.  She is our cheerleader; always encouraging and celebrating the successes of those around her.  She thinks of others first and goes to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around her.


Last year she accomplished so much:

  • learned to swim
  • learned to read, moving from struggling with easy readers all the way to devouring American Girl books
  • finished 2nd grade math 3 months early
  • pushed her fear of heights aside and jumped off the pier into the lake (only once, but it was more than I’d do!)
  • learned to ride a two-wheel bike
  • learned to play softball, becoming a very consistent hitter and an awesome catcher


Birthday Girl


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  The way you love unconditionally, give generously, and never give up is an example for the rest of us.  You are a joy and I’m so, so happy I get to be your Momma!



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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Bekah! Amanda, you didn’t mention that the pier she jumped from was the upper level and there was a 12 ft jump before hitting the water. She’s done more than me, too!

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