Random Acts of Kindness for Homeschoolers

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Random Acts of Kindness for Homeschoolers

Completing random acts of kindness is a great way to remember to put others first, both individually and working together with your family. It is easy, as homeschoolers to skim over these Random Acts of Kindness lists shared so often on social media, thinking, “We are always at home, this isn’t something my family can participate in.” However, even from home, there are many ways to intentionally bless others through random acts of kindness.

Today I’m sharing a list of random acts of kindness for homeschoolers. From activities to bless our own families, to ideas easily completed from home, acts of kindness for neighbors, and even several ideas for typical homeschool outings, you’ll find many ideas to get your family started blessing others.

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© Monet / Adobe Stock

Print a Random Acts of Kindness Checklist for Homeschoolers, and set a goal with your family. How many random acts of kindness can you complete this week, or this month?

At home

  • leave an encouraging note in a hidden spot (siblings notebook, drawer, etc)
  • pray for someone and send them a note to tell them that you prayed
  • write a letter to a soldier thanking them for their service
  • mail art work with an uplifting card to an elderly person in your family, your church, or a local nursing home.
  • send a care package to a solider
  • do a sibling’s chore in secret
  • make a sweet treat to share
  • sew a blanket for project Linus, or your local hospital (young kids can tie fleece blankets)
  • save spare change, buy an online gift card and send it to someone who needs a pick me up
  • mail a care package to a college student.
  • send pizza to a friend
  • clean up the school area, stack books, sharpen pencils, organize art supplies
  • give toys to those in need

In the Neighborhood

  • do yard work for a neighbor  (cut grass, rake leaves, or shovel snow)
  • carry in someone’s groceries
  • pick up trash on the street
  • leave a thank you note & special treat for community helpers (trash men, postal workers, etc)
  • make a meal for a neighbor
  • bake and deliver cookies to neighbors
  • walk a neighbor’s dog

In the Community

  • write thank you notes specific for errands and appointments (doctors, nurses, cashiers, etc)
  • let someone ahead in the check out lane
  • return random shopping carts to the correct spot
  • help someone load their groceries in the trunk
  • thank you notes for the community workers you see when out
  • leave behind puzzle books in waiting rooms

Blessing others with a random act of kindness is a great way to get ready for the coming holiday season. Print this list and get started!Random Acts of Kindness for Homeschoolers

Check out more great resources to get your children and your family started with random acts of kindness:

Why not print a great Christmas Random Acts of Kindness Calendar that children can complete independently to help get your children in the habit of completing random acts of kindness on their own.

And if you’d like even more great ideas here are 60 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids. It is so important to often choose activities that children can complete independently. Lettings kids take ownership of blessing others is a great way to help them shape a lifetime personality of intentional kindness.

Which random act of kindness will your family start with? Print your checklist here.

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