Friday Wrap-Up

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Church with 6 kids…alone.

Not easy, not easy at all.  In fact we miss more than we should between sickness and late nights and rough mornings when I can’t sneak in a shower or put the baby down long enough to brush hair.

But this Sunday we made it.  Our morning went smoothly, we were even early and I thought “I got this.” Then we walk to Peyton’s classroom door and she starts crying hysterically. Then on the way toward the sanctuary Jonathan throws up all down the front of my shirt.  I thought, “What am I thinking? I can’t do this alone.”

Then just a few minutes later I look to my left and see my 5 little stair steps singing their hearts out worshiping Jesus and I suddenly know why I do it.

Taking a Sun-Day

Got my favorite perk of homeschooling this week in the form of plenty of Vitamin D and sun-colored cheeks.

I love love realizing the day has turned absolutely beautiful, especially when the forecast shows more cold and bad weather on the horizon.  We finished school and lunch by 1pm and played outside until the dark sent us in.


We didn’t even have to take the day off school work since we can get done in the morning if we work hard and efficiently (and if we turn on cartoons for the toddler).  Though, some days I do call it off completely to head off to some fun outdoor location.  This week, our yard was the perfect getaway.

Climbing trees, riding bikes, coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles, climbing trees, playing in our fort and on the playground.  Sheer perfection.

Sometimes She’s Just Like Me

Bike Doctor

If something needs to be fixed that everyone else has given up on, just call Rebekah.  She has such drive, patience, and determination when she wants to accomplish a task.  Even when I couldn’t get Michael’s twisted chain back on his bicycle, she worked for as long as it took until it was untwisted and back on his bicycle. Personality trait most definitely passed down from my Dad to me to Bek.

Picking up Mommy’s Hobby

Like Mother Like Daughers

Thank goodness for Click-N-Shop

This week was so busy, but groceries were a necessity.  How wonderful it is to take kids to get groceries in bare feet and jammies!  Totally worth the $5 fee for that reason alone.  6 tired kids in a grocery store often means at least one of us looses his or her temper, and I miss items on the list due to being so distracted.  I actually think I save the $5 fee because I can’t buy anything on impulse and I don’t have to make a second trip when I realize I’ve forgotten necessary items.  Best money I’ve spent all month!

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