{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Pig Pen Edition

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What a headache- I mean adventure- our pig causes…Wordless Wednesday Clover
After over 2 months of happily living in her pen (and playing in the yard with us occasionally) Clover decided the grass is greener outside her pen. The first several times, after reinforcing her escape route she remained happily in her pen for weeks. But last month, she began escaping daily. We’d look outside to see her happily crunching pecans in the backyard.
Wordless Wednesday Clover

Nearly a month and 200 feet of chicken wire, 300+ zip ties, 20 cinderblocks (plus every discarded heavy thing we could find and drag) later, our Houdini pig hasn’t escaped in 5 days. Hallelujah. Wordless Wednesday Clover

But, the last 5 days have been freezing. And our piggy loves her warm, hay-filled shed on the coldest of days. Wordless Wednesday Clover
I guess true success won’t be declared until a warm spell. Wordless Wednesday Clover

Miriam reminds me that pigs are the 3rd smartest animal… a fact that isn’t working in our favor!Wordless Wednesday Clover


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