Baby Jonathan

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I have to apologize for my two month blogging hiatus!  Late pregnancy and my computer chair did not agree with my back, so photo editing and blogging took a back seat.

Jonathan Robert

Jonathan arrived on November 24th, and I am beginning to feel more like my normal self.  Pregnancy aches and pains and lack of sleep have melted into a wonderful babymoon.  I’ve had better sleep in the 10 days since Jonathan’s arrival than I’ve had in many, many months!  He is such a sweet baby, already wonderful at nursing and generally very content.

First few days

The children are over the moon in love with Jonathan.  They beg for turns to hold him.  Last night, I laid him in his crib for the first time since his birth…he’s 10 days old!  There are so many arms wanting to hold him, that he need never take a nap alone.

Baby Brother LoveWe are so happy to have this little guy in our family!

Snuggling Brother


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