Big Brother Love

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When we arrived at the park yesterday the children raced straight to the playground.  Once we reached the playground Peyton started crying uncontrollably.  It turns out that the bigger kids started racing before she realized what was going on and she felt left out of the race.  My instinct was to not make a big deal of it and leave her to sort out her own feelings as I knew the big kids had not intentionally left her out.

Michael had a different idea though.  As soon as he realized why Peyton was so upset he jumped right off the playground equipment and started running, “Come on, Peyton, I’ll race you to the flagpole!” he yelled over his shoulder as he ran.  Peyton took off, and he slowed way down making sure that she not only passed him, but was way ahead in their ‘race.’  He was egging her on, “Go Peyton go…you are beating me!!!”  By the time they raced back to us they were both breathless and laughing.  And Peyton was able to declare with a smile, “I won!!”

Talk about a heart swelling moment for this Mama!  Some days I feel that all I do is referee arguments and spats between the children.  I often feel like a CD on repeat, “be kind and loving…be kind and loving…was that kind and loving?”  When the kids take their own initiative and act so kindly to each other it reminds me that sibling peace and genuine care for each other is a battle that is worth fighting for every day.

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