I’m a Single Mom Now

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One thing I never worried about in life- my marriage.  My husband has always been a man of his word, and his first priority was our family.  I trusted him in all things. We believed marriage was forever.  Until he didn’t.

Together, we lived and loved this crazy, wonderful life we created.  Best friends since 17 years old,  we were amazing partners at this thing called life. Sure life was rarely easy and always busy- but no matter what, it was us against the world.  We loved, we laughed, we dreamed…and then one day it was just gone.  

It’s so crazy, even 6 weeks later I still can’t wrap my head around it. I never blog about marriage, not because I had a bad or difficult marriage, but because I didn’t think it was fair for me to give advice.  Our marriage was always so effortless. We were the couple everyone else wanted to be- in love, always putting the other first, and happy just to be together.

And suddenly he threw it all away.

So now, heart-broken, I keep moving forward, because I have 6 beautiful children and I have no other choice. I’m turning my energy toward raising my children.  To rebuilding their trust in people and promises, so one day they can again believe that not everyone they love will leave them.

So now, this blog becomes a place to talk not only about the blessings (and chaos) of raising a big family, but also about surviving this and learning how to be a single mom.

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  1. Amanda, I went through a painful divorce and raised my son and daughter on my own. I leaned on God for understanding and encouragement. I made my children my focus under God. You will come to see how sweet our Lord is. Trust in Him! Always! I have a lot of faith in you. You are blessed with your parents. With God ALL IS POSSIBLE! Love you very much and know I am here for you too. Praying for you and the children.

  2. Oh, Honey I am so sorry! I had no idea! I am typing through tears and praying all at the same time. I know God will sustain you and that He will bless you and grant you grace. I am so sorry because I know your heart has always been to be a wife and a Mom. And you are great at it. I am grieved over whatever he is deceived by. Oh what pain there must be. I love you, dear Amanda, and I will pray for you often. Much love and hugs, Suzanne

  3. Oh, friend. I’m so so sorry! I’ve always been a single mom so I don’t know your pain of losing him after once being so close and happy, but I do understand being a single mom in itself. If you need anything {or just to talk to someone who understands!} let me know. Always here for you!

  4. I completely understand. I have gone through this same thing with my husband. We divorced in May 2014 and now I’m trying to learn how to be single again. I had been married for 24 years and in love with him since 1984. And now life goes on. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Wow Amanda, I just saw you on Twitter – I think you followed me? I immediately resonated with your story. I found myself a surprised single mom with 4 kiddos. I’m now very happily remarried and have had 3 more babies. I’ll be following you!

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