Friday Quick Takes

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Playing HopscotchHopscotch at Gami's

I was flooded with happy memories as I watched my girls play hopscotch on the same sidewalk where I drew hundreds of hopscotch games during my girlhood.  At this particular Grandma’s house, I had only girl cousins.  I don’t know how many hours we spent on the sidewalk hopscotch boards during those years- but I know it was a lot! I can still picture my Great-Great Aunt Nancy sitting on that stoop, watching all us girls as we played.Girlhood Hopscotch

 How many people can you fit on a golf cart?

How many can you fit on a golf cart?And how long does it take for each one to get their turn to drive up and down the road?  Pretty sure only a very patient Grandma knows the answer to that question!

Big Boy

This big boy is already 5 months old! And he weighs a whopping 20lbs 11ozs!

Watching the ‘horse parade’Horse Parade

225 horses passed my Grandma’s house during a trail ride this weekend.  The kids loved watching the horses and riders pass by. Several even stopped to allow the children to pet the horses!
2014-04-26_0002After watching the ‘parade’ my brave Grandma loaded up the three big kids and took them to eat dinner with all 225 horses and riders!

Sick Toddler

There isn’t much more pitiful than a baby or toddler with a stomach virus.  Poor Emily went down with a virus on Monday.  Thankfully it only lasted about 12 hours, but she was so sad while she felt bad.  sick Emily

Everytime I grabbed her bucket, she would push it away saying, “No tanks! No tanks!” She thought if I didn’t put the bucket out maybe she wouldn’t throw up.  so tiny

I knew she was really sick when she asked to get in bed rather than laying on the couch and watching cartoons. She looked so tiny curled up all alone in my big bed.



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