Rainy Saturday

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Usually I am bummed when the kids’ sports are rained out, but today it feels like the perfect way to end the week and welcome Fall.  I’ve given the kids free range with Saturday morning cartoons while I’m enjoying a cozy morning in the school room with a hot cup of coffee and books spread all around leisurely planning next week’s school.

Emily often wanders in from the den while I’m planning.  She believes that I am doing school today and wants to join in.  She holds her book, turns the pages and babbles as if she is really reading to me.  She scribbles on old workbooks with careful purpose, then holds the papers up for me to check, nodding her head and smiling when I praise her work.

While I’ll need to get busy on chores soon after finishing my school planning, I think my afternoon will include baking pumpkin bread and sipping homemade hot chocolate.  Bring on Fall!

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