Princess Peyton

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Princess Peyton At home, this is how Peyton always looks.  I wash many more dress up clothes than real clothes for her.  She loves all her various princess dresses, leotards, and tutus but only one crown will do- Cinderella.  It is rare for her to be without a doll or stuffed animal tucked securely under her arm.

Pey is such a joy in our house; she makes all of us smile.  She thinks of others, often volunteering to help, but at the same time she knows she is one of the ‘babies’.  She loves to say “…because I’m just little…” and it’s so cute that usually the sibling she is entreating will step up to help her (or do her job completely.)Pey

She takes her ‘school work’ very seriously, assigning herself pages from her many fun toddler/preK workbooks. Cutting and pasting are still her favorite activities.  After she finishes her workbooks, she says, “It’s time to read,” and she chooses a board book, lies on the floor and begins to ‘read’ the story.  "reading"

Some of the other cute things she says:

after a bath she tells us that she’s “all shiny”

at bedtime she asks me to come “tuck her up”

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