A boy and his toys

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Michael spends hours setting up his Marines and waging wars between the two sides.  I love hearing the boyish sound effects coming from the living room floor as the older girls and I are working on school.

Since he has a Police Officer for a Daddy and a Marine for an Uncle he is very fascinated by the world of protecting, fighting, guns, police cars, and tanks.  However, long before he knew what a gun or war was he would walk around “phewwing” with blocks or sticks.  I think boys are often ingrained with a need to play protector.

He used to say that he wanted to be a Police Officer or a Marine when he grew up, but these days he says he does not want to be either one when he ‘is a Daddy.’  He says that he doesn’t want to be a Marine since Uncle Nate had to leave his family to go to “ganistan” and he doesn’t want to be a Police Officer since Daddy “has to go to work at night when he is tired.” I tell him that he doesn’t need to worry about growing up right now.

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