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Big Family Blessing number 1999– laughable situations abound.  I shouldn’t be surprised that we laugh so much around here between Rob’s humor genes and my clutsy genes coursing through the veins of 5 children.  The following recaps all come JUST from today!

Tonight on the way out of a restaurant Peyton complained that something in her boot was hurting her foot.  So, rather than stopping our long line already trailing through the restaurant Rob scooped her up into his arms.  Just before the front door her boot falls off and at least a cupful of birdseed scatters everywhere.  Seriously? Only in our family!What a Mess During school this morning Emily managed to paint herself with yogurt while I was standing just 2 feet away.  She was so happy and so covered.  “Sorry y’all, we gotta pause school so I can bathe Emily and wash down the table, chair and floor.”  I don’t know what it is about school time that makes me oblivious to the toddler messes that happen right under my nose- I’m sure this won’t be the last situation with Emily.  Michael and Peyton made countless messes during school time at the same ages.Bek's phonics

And this last one, I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry knowing that 2nd grade schoolwork stumps me more often that I would like to admit.  Rebekah called me over while doing her phonics worksheet this morning.  She couldn’t figure out what word to spell based on the picture drawn on the page.  Looking over her shoulder I saw a picture and 3 columns of letter choices that should have combined to make a word.  Even with the ‘cheat’ of the multiple choice sounds I could not figure out what word the worksheet was going for.  Across the table Miriam stands up, looking upside down at the page Bek and I are staring at, and says the correct word in about 2 seconds flat.

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