Be the Best Mom You Can Be {Review & Giveaway}

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My latest review book from Family Christian is Be The Best Mom You Can Be: A Practical Guide to Raising Whole Children in a Broken Generation by Marina Slayton. When my oldest children were under 5 I read just about every parenting book I could get my hands on, but in the past years I haven’t read any parenting books. I’m just coasting along doing the best I can.Be the Best Mom You Can Be Review

It was nice to pick up a parenting book for the first time in a while. I’ve been a Momma for 12 years now, while sometimes I think I have mothering the younger ages down I’m about to hit the teen years with my oldest daughter. After she becomes a teen I’ll gain another every year or two for ten years!! Eeeeekkkkkk! That’s more than a little intimidating. Time to brush up on my parenting game!

On top of that, even though I’m a seasoned Mom of youngers, having gone through the stages 6 times, Motherhood has a way of teaching me that I have no idea what I’m doing. Each child is so different, what worked well for one might not work at all for anyone else!

I really enjoyed this book, and plan to keep it on my shelf for easy reference. I found this book conversational and encouraging. The author doesn’t write as an expert on mothering, she writes as someone alongside in this motherhood journey.

Each chapter focuses on a topic, giving ideas and encouragement to Moms and ends with a small For Further Reflection Section which includes a Bible verse to think about, a quote that sums up the chapter, questions to help Mom work through the material in each family to determine how it best applies to her family, and a short summary. I really like this section, especially in a book I plan to come back to later. It helps me quickly find and remember the points I’m working on. In fact, I often jot some notes down on this page. I’m always worried when reading a book like this, that I might read it too quickly and while I plan to use the information I learned, by the time I finish the book I’ve forgotten those strategies I wanted to work on. The For Further Review really helps with that issue!

I loved the chapter Moms Are Not Perfect: That Never Was the Goal. Between the non-reality of perfection often pictured via social media and Pinterest the pressure on Mothers to reach perfection in all things is strong. The author reminds us that perfection can quickly become an idol in our lives. I found myself nodding through his chapter, and seeing areas in my life I could improve.

Another favorite chapter was Harvard Verses Heaven: Start with Eternity in Mind. In the thick of our school year, facing a few frustrations I loved the reminder that I’m aiming for children who work hard and work honestly. For some that may mean academic excellence, others gifts may lie in a different path. The author reminds Moms to be a student of their children; finding their gifts and helping them develop them. She also reminds us that kids do need to experience some failure, because as adults they will surely face it! That’s a hard one for me!

If you’d like some Mothering encouragement check this book out. Whether you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned Mom of teens, you’ll find encouraging words and likely some areas to work on.

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  1. I became a single mom when my son was eight and sure could have used some mothering encouragement. I love a book like this that provide encouragement and support. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. My biggest challenge is trying to let my 9th grader be more independent in his school life. I always checked behind him on hos HW and followed up with his teachers, but I am trying to make him do that now and only step in when I need to.

  3. My oldest is about to turn 11. This mom things is tough but it’s great when a book tells you that you don’t have to be perfect. I have 3 total and they are all different so that really complicates this mom gig.

  4. My daughter is grown and finally out on her own by that doesn’t mean my mothering is done. My mothering now is focused on teaching her how to manage bills and budget wisely while finding a balance in life.

  5. My biggest challenge is balancing homemaking, homeschooling, and being a good mom. I am also struggling with having time with God each day.

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