Colonial Williamsburg

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During this last quarter of our school year Miriam is learning all about Colonial America.  When I realized we had opportunity to visit Colonial Williamsburg for a day during Spring Break I excitedly started planning our trip.  We only had a little more than 5 hours to see the sights, but at the kids’ young ages it was more than enough to get a glimpse into the past at their current level of understanding.

The armory and magazine were favorites of the whole family.  Michael wanted to get his hands on one of those guns so badly (Rob did too, I think!)  Michael kept asking where the play guns were kept hoping he could get one to take home.   It was fun to see Miriam get excited when she saw and heard the things she has learned these past weeks.   Rebekah was our little photographer all day asking her siblings to pose in front of her favorite things for a photo.

At lunch time we introduced Rob to my thrifty field trip protocol.  We found a nice grassy spot around lunch time and pulled half-frozen juice boxes and waters from the backpack and my trusty plastic ice cream bucket from under the stroller filled with packs of crackers, granola bars and a treat for everyone.  Rob wasn’t extremely pleased with the prospect of crackers for lunch, but it worked very well!  No money spent on high-priced food that the kids would have likely wasted, no trying to keep a baby and toddler entertained in a restaurant, and no time wasted waiting on food.  Emily enjoyed being let down from the wrap to crawl around in the grass.

After lunch we were all ready to explore the rest of the town.  My favorite of the day was seeing the colonial kitchen and the tour of the Wythe house.  Rob enjoyed the blacksmith and armory.  Miriam loved the book bindery (where she learned that red dyes are made from bugs) and the Wythe house.  Michael liked the magazine and loved the fife and drums at the end of the day.  Rebekah also says that her favorite was the fife and drums.

After our afternoon in Colonial Williamsburg we drove to a nearby park to meet local friends for dinner.  I had a cooler packed with fruit and turkey sandwiches for dinner.  Rob was not thrilled about eating picnic food for a second time in one day, but Leah came to the rescue bringing a huge steaming pot of jambalaya for dinner.  It was bittersweet to watch our oldest daughters now in 2nd grade playing together like the old days when they were toddlers.


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