Sand in My Sandwich Book Review {and Giveaway}

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Are you a mom who often feels like a failure? Frustrated by your less than Pinterest perfect home? Exhausted from trying to control the whirling dervishes you call your children? This book is for you!

Sand in my Sandwich: and Other Motherhood Messes I’m Learning to Love by Sarah Parshall Perry will encourage you in this crazy, often chaotic Motherhood thing. You’ll find yourself laughing at Sarah’s stories and nodding your head in agreement. Read along as Sarah shares how constantly striving for perfection crashed down around her in the reality that is Motherhood.

I thought it quite fitting that I sat down on my front porch to start this book at nap time, during a really tough Motherhood day. You know the kind where nap time yet feels like it should already be bedtime? My nerves were shot, I was tired after a long night with a molar-teething toddler, and nothing went right either in the mothering or homemaking department all day long. Before finishing Chapter 1 I was nodding my head in agreement and realized I better slip back inside to get a highlighter.

By the end of Chapter 2 my mood was much improved, thankfully, since the toddler woke early from his nap (thank you molars), joined me on the porch and immediately ripped two handfuls of buds off of my new Mother’s Day plant. Sigh, exactly why I needed to read Sand in my Sandwich- a reminder that I’m not alone! This motherhood thing is hard, but it’s also beautiful if I’m willing to let go of control and my (perceived) perfect plan. I’m going to leave you with a few of my favorite quotes from the book- funny, encouraging, and a reminder that motherhood is hard, but we don’t have to do it alone. “Either the burdens of motherhood are obvious or I suck at hiding them. Because Grace told me a few weeks ago that she wants to be a mother, but without the kids part because they were too much work.” “Child-rearing is also a task of many unseen moments, when it’s just you and your child, and there’s nothing to prove but everything to lose in the opportunity to do the raising well.” “Though late (with all that rushing and yelling coming to naught), we made it to church. And a good thing too. Because after all that, we needed some church.”   giveawaySand in My Sandwich

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Sand in My Sandwich book giveaway
Thanks to Family Christian for providing this book for my review!

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  1. I’d love to read this and then pass it on to my daughter who is a first-time mommy. My granddaughter is a yr old and likes to take everything out of her toy tub as soon as mommy puts it all away. My daughter was telling me the other day how she messes things up at work and is so tired she can’t function. I told her welcome to mommyhood. Lol! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  2. I read this book and loved it! I thought it was funny and such an honest look at parenting kids that don’t fit in the box! Great review!

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