Super Quick Sunday

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Just a few quick notes about our weekend because it’s beautiful outside and I intend on heading outside when baby wakes up!

Library Trips

Library trips with the crew are just a little bit crazy.  We pull a big crate on wheels, because with 5 kids choosing books a library bag just won’t do.  In the library they are all going different directions, running up to me with books, “How about this one?” I try to quickly scan the book for appropriateness while also keeping my eye on the rest of the kids.  Then there is the checkout- all the kids want to scan in their own books at the self checkout.  I know we spend at least 15 minutes there as each one scans in their library card and s-l-o-w-l-y scans in each book.  I want so badly to swoop in and do it myself, or better yet take them to the regular line and let the librarian do it for us- quickly and all on one library card so I can better keep up with what is due when.  But, each time I take a deep breath and remind myself that it’s only 15 minutes, it’s a small matter that makes them happy and gives them independence.  I am lucky they love the library and books!

The trip is best on the way home.  A completely silent car because they can’t wait and start reading new books as soon as they buckle in.

Library trip

Their fashion sense

I look at families that seem all put together with kids in matching clothes and sometimes wish we were that kind of family.  But, my kids love to dress themselves and other than a few times a year like Thanksgiving and Christmas I rarely fight them about their choices.  As long as they are dressed according to our modesty standards and seasonally appropriate I am happy.
I do love watching them each develop their own fashion types- even though our clothes are handed down each girl choses different outfits or combinations to be the favorites.

Little Fashionista

And this boy loves camo.  The more he can wear at one time the better.  I told him he didn’t match once and sent him to exchange either shirt or pants for a solid, and later regretted it.  Soon enough they will learn about matching and keeping up with peer’s fashions.  Until then I’m going to let them mismatch.  (Though I do reserve the right to step in one holidays and for family photos!)

Camo on Camo



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  1. The crate is such a clever idea for all those books! I agree I think it’s important to let children be independent picking their own clothes. However, I think your children did a splendid job of matching and looking stylish.

  2. I am totally going to get a crate like that for the library. We had so many books today and the library’s computer system was down. (I felt really bad for the guy at the desk who was writing all the numbers down.) My five year old dresses really crazy sometimes but I don’t usually say anything unless it’s the really wrong season or it’s Sunday.

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