WaterWipes, the Chemical-Free Wipe for all Your Baby and Toddler Messes!

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Baby wipes are one of my most used baby supplies. In fact, I use wipes on much more than just my baby’s bottom. I know that baby wipes will live in my purse long after I stop carrying a diaper bag. I use wipes for bottoms, faces, hands, spills, and any other mess that happens when we are away from home.

My little one caught a cold recently, and his runny nose is lingering. Away from home I rely on baby wipes to keep his nose clean and face crust free.Water Wipes

I am so glad I found WaterWipes baby wipes at Target prior to Jon’s runny nose. Since WaterWipes are chemical free (in fact they only have two ingredients-99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract), I feel confident using them on his sensitive face. Like many little ones, Jon’s first reaction when I wipe his face is to stick out his tongue? With traditional wipes, who knows what kind of yucky chemicals go into his mouth?Water Wipes

All my kids are much happier with WaterWipes in my bag. With our frequent picnics, I use baby wipes on all my children’s hands and faces. They hated the lingering taste on their lips when I used traditional baby wipes on their mouth. Right before I wipe now, they ask “are those the wipes that taste bad, or the new ones?”Water Wipes

WaterWipes are great for the usual diaper change application as well! The wipes are durable and clean bottoms just as well as the chemical filled brands.

In fact, when traveling, I don’t hesitate to use a WaterWipe on my own face for a quick clean! I know it will clean my sensitive face without drying my skin out or causing a breakout.

I love only carrying one type of wipe in my bag for bottoms, faces AND hands, escpecially knowing its a safer, natural baby wipe! No matter what mess my toddler finds, WaterWipes are up to the task.Water Wipes

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  1. My kiddo is much older now, but my nephew is a baby, I think these would be great for sensitive little back sides. He is a sensitive little man so I will have to tell my SIL about these wipes.

  2. You would think that with a 10,8 and 5 year old our days of baby wipes would be done but they are just too handy to get rid of! We have a stash in the car for trips and one in the washroom for when they need a little help getting squeaky clean.

  3. My daughter is having her first baby next month and I’ve been discussing chemical free baby product options with her. I didn’t even know about WaterWipes until this post so I appreciate it. I’m going to give her this info.

  4. I might not be using wipes for bottoms any more, my kids are all out of diapers, but I use these wipes for everything else! I like to keep a bunch in the car, in my purse, and all over the house for all sorts of different messes. Washing faces and hands is a biggie!

  5. Chemical free is so important when it comes to our babies. I definitely don’t want anything that make break my little ones out.

  6. We love Waterwipes. Although my grandson lives with us and we use them for him – we primarily use them for all of us (2,10,15 and me) when we go to the barn. There is no water to clean up there but everyone is quite dirty by the time riding and tacking is done. Waterwipes then comes to the rescue.

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