Always Prepared for those Special, Tear Jerking Moments

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I come from a family of criers- and I have a big family. Happy moment, sad moment, proud moment, you name it, and someone is going to cry. That means I better be prepared with Kleenex at all times!

With 6 kids to round-up and get out the door, remembering the essentials -like Kleenex- is often difficult. Especially since I frequently change my bags: little diaper bag for quick trips, big diaper bag for long days, camera bag, computer bag, purse. I used to realize too late I’d forgotten something important. My choices were either never change my bag (which isn’t going to happen for this bag loving Momma) or find a quick, easy way to move essential stuff from bag to bag. So now, I keep my ‘mom pouch’ packed to easily transfer to whatever bag I am carrying for the day.

Always be prepared with this easy to grab Mom Pouch. Transfer it from diaper bag, to purse, to camera bag and more/

My Mom Pouch Essentials:

  • Kleenex – for those tear jerking moments. (Get a coupon for $0.75 off any Kleenex here.)
  • chapstick
  • arnica great for my headaches or sore back, but also perfect for the kids growing pains plus their many (and frequent) bumps and bruises.
  • portable electronics charger- great for long days of errands when my phone battery gets low. But also great for charging an iPad when something goes long and the little ones get antsy.
  • baby balm- I always have some type of lotion or cream for dry skin and hands. It’s also a great placebo ‘medicine’ when a little one suddenly has an invisible boo boo.
  • powdered drink mix- sometimes I just need a little pick me up and this usually does the trick!

Thankfully, I had my Mom Pouch earlier this week when my oldest daughter turned twelve.

Twelve seems like a huge birthday. The last year before becoming a teen. I’m going to cry (again) just thinking about it! I knew I better have tissues on hand as she blew out the candles and we celebrated her big day.

What I didn’t realize was I’d need those tissues earlier in the week, before Miriam’s real birthday when we had a small dinner to celebrate with grandparents.Miriam's presents

Miriam opened her present and the tears quickly followed.Miriam's presents

And, as I mentioned before, in our family, one woman’s tears means ALL the women’s tears. Kleenex all around.Miriam's presents

What an emotional, yet fun moment. It’s always special to give a gift that really makes an impact. Her bracelet wasn’t just pretty, it was her family acknowledging that she is no longer a child, but now a young lady.

I still can’t believe she’s twelve!Miriam's presents

Don’t get caught without Kleenex at your next tear-jerking moment! Kleenex Head to Walgreens for all your Mom Pouch essentials and grab your Kleenex coupon here.


Always be prepared with this easy to grab Mom Pouch. Transfer it from diaper bag, to purse, to camera bag and more/

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  1. That looks like one appreciative little girl . I love it when they show that much feeling, you are doing a great job mom.

  2. Those series of photos will be great mementos. I keep Kleenex tissue with me wherever I go. They come in handy on a daily basis.

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