Selfie Out-takes – {Almost} Wordless Wednesday

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Recently I’ve made the effort to get IN the picture with my kids more often. I want to be IN the kids’ memories, and since photos jog memories, I need to be in those too!
So, when we started adventuring this summer the kids and I vowed to take a group shot as often as possible on our adventures. I love how these group shots are usually at their reminder.

I remind myself that the photo is more about jogging the memory than anything else, so imperfect is better than none, and a phone camera is just as good as my big girl camera. Just do it!

But, today’s photos prove that I’ve yet to master the self-timer on my iPhone! Maybe I need a selfie stick for Christmas (cough, hint, hint) because fitting 7 people in one little square is no easy task!

Even though in the end, we did get a real group shot today, I kinda love the outtakes more. That picture of me scooping up Jon at a run and the other kids giggling at it… Yep, that’s the most accurate picture of our current life possible!
Selfie Outtakes

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  1. You have a beautiful family Amanda and you look fabulous! My iPhone has a three and a ten second timer which is great for selfies but a selfie stick would be a great gift!

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