Fabric Store Chaos

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Sewing ProgressJust yesterday I told friends on Facebook about my reluctance to shop with my crew in a fabric store…and what did I do today, but drag them all to the store to pick out backing fabric for Peyton’s quilt.  We just ran over to nearby Hobby Lobby.  I thought surely I’d be fine picking up just a few things in a store with small selection.  Wrong!

The kids really weren’t ‘bad.’  It’s just that my kids love fabric as much as I do.  They want to run from display to display feeling textures, exclaiming over their favorites and brainstorming {loudly} all the things Mommy could make with said fabric.  And then there is Emily, who wants to join in the fun and excitement.  The few times I forced her to allow me to stop and look at fabric she protested with passion.  Basically my trip turned into chasing children who were fabric shopping rather than fabric shopping myself!  Peyton was especially adorable dragging me from section to section to show me her finds.   I had to smile at the preciousness of the kids shopping even though I didn’t get much done.  And yet even with the chaos, as I predicted on Facebook last night, I came away with ‘extra’ fabric due to shopping in a real store versus ordering my necessities online.  Peyton fell in love with a white flannel with pink rosettes.  She said, “Mommy, you can put this on the back of my quilt for my birthday!”  So, I told her that while it wasn’t appropriate for her quilt I would buy it and make a birthday surprise for her.  Rob is going to surprise her with a doll bunk bed, so I’ll use her fabric choice for the mattresses.  Rebekah fell in love with some stretchy shimmery fabric that will become a mermaid tail, despite that the few times I’ve worked with slick or stretchy fabric I’ve said never again and thrown the project away less than half done.  Surely I can add some elastic and sew just a few seams?? Right??   I’ve come along way, but I’m still no expert seamstress.

I expect the kids to be impatient with school tomorrow.  I know that as soon as I sit at my machine I’ll have many little bodies pressing against me to watch my progress…and my floors will probably remain dirty for another day because those new projects excite me too.

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