Celebration at Steak n Shake

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The last day of school ended with a Steak N Shake treat as a reward for diligence and effort this school year.  Milkshakes, Oreo ice cream sandwiches and cheese fries were enjoyed all around.

That night when I tucked the kids into bed Rebekah started crying because she is upset that school is over for the summer.  I had to laugh, because school is never really over in our home.  Summer just means putting away the workbooks and textbooks in favor of flash cards, math manipulatives, and math games.  Phonics practice, reading and Bible time still happen at least a few days a week.  Summer break is really just ‘school lite’ for a few weeks as I try to catch up on house cleaning, sew a little, and plan for next year.   Though I explained to Rebekah that ‘real’ school would begin in just 10 weeks and told her about our fun summer school plans she was still unhappy.  She declared as I left the room, “But, Mommy I don’t want to stop doing my workbooks!”

What a change from the beginning of the year when she’d ask, “Do I have to do school today?” and when there were daily tears due to reading frustration.  Of course, I am not about to deprive her of her precious workbooks after her hard-won successes!  Looks like there will be less sewing and cleaning and more school for me this summer.

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