Fall Fun in Charlottesville

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When a cousin texts with a great deal on three nights at your favorite vacation destination- for the exact amount of birthday money you just stashed in your underwear drawer…Charlottesville adventure

You decide it’s time for fall break!

It was our first overnight adventure without any big issue or hiccup. Maybe I’m getting the hang of going out-of-town with 6 kids in tow. Or maybe we were lucky… I probably just jinxed our next adventure. Everything went smoothly, everyone was happy, and for three days we played and explored.

It was three days of being a ‘yes’ Mom. They knew we weren’t spending extra money, but otherwise If they asked I said yes. We stayed up late watching television, ate unlimited snacks, swam past bedtime, played at their favorite museum, fed the apples we picked at the orchard to the horses, and so much more in a short 3 night trip…Virginia Discovery MuseumOur first day was cool and rainy, so we spent the day playing at the Virginia Discovery Museum- where our local museum pass granted us free admission.Virginia Discovery Museum

When the sun came out the following day we loved on the horses at the resort. Horse love

Enjoyed a picnic lunch on the side of a mountain.Carter Mountain Orchard Carter Mountain Orchard

Then hiked to the top to pick apples. Carter Mountain OrchardIt was the end of the season, so apples were a little hard to find. That was a mixed blessing- with so many kids picking we could have filled our bags quickly. Since we paid for this adventure by the pound of picked apples, I was hoping for less apples and more time. Carter Mountain OrchardAt first Emily didn’t want help, so she was frustrated with the difficulty of finding a perfect apple. I finally convinced her the apples weren’t supposed to be solid bright red.2015-11-17_0013Carter Mountain Orchard

I had ideas of gorgeous photos in the orchard- you know, like those on Pinterest. Hahaha. 6 kids picking apples…(“Is this one good Momma?” “Help me reach this one Momma”)… plus, sliding in mud, venturing too far off for Momma’s comfort, and the toddler on my back… Needless to say I only got a few snaps!Carter Mountain OrchardThere’s always next year for that. Because we will definitely be going back.

Carter Mountain Orchard

I grabbed 6 apple cider donuts as we left the orchard, thinking most of the kids wouldn’t like them. WRONG. They were all gobbled up before we reached the bottom of the mountain- and they tasted so good I almost turned around to drive back up the mountain for more! Next year, I’ll buy at least a dozen!2015-11-17_0004

Our last day we met up with my cousin at UVA for another picnic and a tour of the campus. No real camera pictures there either- because 6 kids on a college campus. Lets just say my cousin is very brave!

And since my camera of choice these days is still my iPhone, especially when trying to keep up with this crew on vacation. Here is the iPhone dump from our trip:

Children’s Museum-2015-11-21_0014

Wearing Jon out playing all day and swimming late into the night… at 10am the next morning I finally scooped him up from the bed so we could head out for the day!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The blessing of being able to work wherever I can find wi-fi. Kids finally tucked in bed, a fire roaring, a pumpkin beer, and my computer.2015-11-21_0015

The apple orchard.2015-11-21_0011

The horses.2015-11-21_0012

Final day at UVA2015-11-21_0010

We really packed 3 days full!

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  1. That picture of sweet Miri holding Jon…she looks GROWN!!! Bek almost does as well in her cowgirl hat. I’m so glad you all had a wonderful get-away! We can’t wait to see you all this Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. What a fun getaway. The kids look to be having a fun time. So much to do and see and the kids look to be enjoying it all. So happy they had a good time and it was stress free for you.

  3. It looks like you all had a great time. We are the same way we will only travel when we have the money and of course there needs to be a discount! I would have loved to take my kiddo on this trip it looks a like a lot of fun without lots of TV and video games.

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