Tips for a Simple Nighttime Skincare Routine

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Remembering to take care of my skin as a busy mom is difficult, especially at night. How many times have I woken up in the morning after falling asleep with my toddler, makeup still on?

When I became a single mom, my self-esteem suffered. I didn’t feel pretty or desirable. Stress, coupled with no time to take care of myself, took a toll on my breakout prone skin.

More than three years into becoming a single mom, I’m finally getting my confidence back and making skincare a priority.

So, how can a busy Mom squeeze in a nightly skin care routine?

Tips for a Simple Nighttime Skincare Routine

  1. Choose a simple routine you can actually keep up with. My routine is simple – wash my face, use Differin® Gel, and moisturize. With an effective acne treatment, you won’t need a million medicated washes, creams, salves, and lotions. Differin® Gel clears breakouts deep in the pores where they start, preventing breakouts before they even begin, while also restoring your skin’s texture and tone.
  2. Get ready for bed with the kids. I always felt that a nighttime skincare regimen was futile, especially since I frequently fall asleep in my clothes with my teeth unbrushed and makeup still on as I put my children to sleep. I’ve learned to get ready for bed alongside my children; you’ll find me brushing my teeth with my toddler and washing my face as my children find their pajamas and stuffed animals.
  3. Keep all your nighttime routine supplies together. Using my #momlife acrylic container to keep my skincare supplies, contact solution, and my toothbrush and toothpaste together, helps me remember to take care of my face when I’m brushing my teeth and taking contacts out each night.

In May, I shared how excited I was to begin using Differin® Gel, the first and only prescription-strength retinoid available over-the-counter for clearing and preventing acne. This retinoid treatment is the newest advancement and ingredient in over the counter acne treatment in over 30 years.

This treatment is not a spot treatment; use this gel daily even when your skin is clear to prevent future breakouts. The daily use of this treatment is one of my favorite aspects. Developing a routine I can stick to has done wonders for my skin. Daily use of Differin® Gel helps me stay in a good skincare routine, and it shows in my skin!

You’ll find  Differin® Gel in the skincare aisle at your local Walmart. Go to Differin.com to get $2 off Differin® Gel and use it on your next shopping trip to Walmart!

Please use caution when using Differin® Gel with more than one acne treatment or glycolic acid product because this could lead to irritation.

This product is dermatologist developed and tested. Please call 1-866-735-4137 for any questions you may have concerning the product. However, should you experience any problems while using the product, please discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.




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  1. I’m with you on the need to get ready for bed when my kids do to have any sort of nighttime routine – and I’m not a single mom. It’s hard! #client

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