Typical School Day

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After several years of homeschooling in jammies every day, we finally started regular morning chores which include getting dressed (most days) before school starts.  But we still school in a very relaxed atmosphere– get comfortable, put your feet up, find a bean bag…or wear your favorite dress up costume.  As long as the work gets done, just about anything goes!

Besides, school is more fun when a Storm Trooper does your work.
Storm Trooper at School Hard at workMath TimeHomeschooling in jammies really worked for us.  When the kids were younger getting them dressed meant work for ME, since they still needed so much help.  So, if we weren’t leaving the house, they put on a pair of jammies at bedtime and wore them for 24 hours.  Plus it meant less laundry; for a busy, tired Mom of young kids that is always a winner!

These days, we are out of the house for something almost everyday and getting dressed in the morning is easier than scrambling to get everyone ready just before walking out of the door.  Also, many of the kids are old enough to spend time playing in the yard unsupervised and since our girls often just wear old t-shirts to bed- real clothes are a must before heading to the front yard.  Otherwise, we’d probably still be homeschooling in jammies through highschool!


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