Easy, Delicious Mini Bagel Pizzas

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Planning a meal that 6 children like and eat without complaint is nearly impossible. But, pizza always makes the whole crew happy! The kids might be fine eating the same pizza day after day, but this Momma needs to change it up sometimes! Fresh Baby has a really great MyPlate Pizza Tip Sheet full of great ideas for pizzas that make a complete, healthy meal. They even offer some great ideas to switch up the crust and sauce! Check it out, I bet you’ll find some combinations your whole family will love!

This week I made super easy mini bagel pizzas for my crew… they devoured them! In fact, I had to make a second cookie sheet of pizzas to satisfy them! And I admit that I made them AGAIN for lunch the next day. When I find something everyone loves I am a happy Momma!2015-09-24_0003

Mini Bagel Pizzas


  • mini bagels
  • jar of pizza sauce
  • cheese (we used both Mozzarella and Colby Jack)
  • mini pepperoni


Separate the mini bagels and spread a spoonful of pizza sauce to each half

Sprinkle the mini bagel halves with cheese.2015-09-24_0006

Add mini pepperoni.2015-09-24_0007

Place on cookie sheet and bake for about 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees (just until the cheese melts).2015-09-24_0008

Serve and enjoy!2015-09-24_0002

Don’t forget to check out the MyPlate Pizza Tip Sheet for other toppings and sauces to change it up! Use whole wheat bagels and go light on the sauce for a healthy meal. You can even hide some veggies in the sauce if your children are as picky as several of mine! 2015-09-24_0009

What your family’s favorite pizza combination?

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  1. I think these mini bagel pizzas would be a hit with my daughter! I might try making these with her this week. It would be a fun and tasty lunch for sure! I haven’t seen mini pepperoni but I will keep an eye out next time I’m grocery shopping.

  2. This is such a fun food activity to do with the kids. I have always liked mini bagel pizzas. It’s nice that you can create your own and use the toppings you may want. My son is beginning to like pepperoni now.

  3. Oh my goodness those look yummy! You made me hungry, and I am not even a big pizza person (yes, I am weird and I am not big on cheese-actually I only eat it on pizza and it has to be REALLY done) I am LOVIN’ those mini pepperoni’s you could even use the little tiny turkey ones!
    One of our favorite pizzas is actually a grocery store brand BBQ chicken and it is AWESOME.. I can see that being able to made this way too- so fun!

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