Wif Me? — (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

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In the past month this boy’s language has exploded. He can say just about anything he wants to say.

Wif Me
“Wif me?”

I love the stage of toddlerhood, before many words, when the toddler grabs my hand to pull me along. Jonathan’s been grabbing my finger and dragging me along for over a year now. I dreaded that stage leaving when words came.
I’m so glad Jonathan hasn’t lost that, even though he’s gaining so many words everyday.

These days, he no longer grabs one of my fingers in his tiny fist, he grabs my whole hand and holds it like a big kid. As he pulls me along, he says “Wif me!?!?”

Savoring these last pieces of toddler…Wif Me

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  1. My son was a late starter when it came to talking and our pediatrician recommended speech therapy. We were able to get a free year from our school district when he was in preschool and they said he was fine after that. Hasn’t been an issue of concern since.

  2. Aw, little sweet guy. You def. want to savor those ‘wif me?’ moments. They go by very, very fast.

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