Craigslist Addiction Pays Off

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Remember last week when I mentioned my addiction to the ‘farm & garden’ section on Craigslist?


Blue Heeler Pup

While vacationing in another state this week I pulled up the local Craigslist page and {of course} clicked on the ‘farm & garden’ link.  I always scroll down the page clicking any listing that is interesting, whether or not I’m in the market for that actual item (or living thing.)

So, cuddled up with Rob on the couch, I began clicking down the listings.  When clicked ‘Blue Heeler puppy’ (thinking I was going to see some kind of hunting puppy) the plan of getting a dog ‘sometime next spring’ went out the window. Turns out it’s an Australian Cattle dog, and it’s exactly the dog Rob wanted for our farm.

By the next morning, it was decided.  This would be our pup- the first living creature addition to Blackbird Farm.  We kept it a secret, right until the breeder brought him out to our car. Oh the squeals…and the constant chirp of “Can I hold him?” “Is it my turn yet?” for the 3 hour ride home.Blue Heeler puppy kisses

What an adventure, all thanks to my Craigslist addiction.  New Blue Heeler PupRebekah said, “Oh Mommy! What if you hadn’t checked Craigslist at the beach?? How would we have found him?!”Not sure who is happier

I better get a picnic table for our backyard because I foresee fighting to keep the kids at the kitchen table for school! Conway the Blue Heeler

We’ve never had an outdoor dog before. It’s so hard to leave him outside- but I really want to move toward having outdoor pets! (nevermind that the kids already convinced me to let him watch cartoons cuddled in their lap…and that he’s currently asleep in his box in the laundry room)

Got any tips on keeping a puppy happy and healthy without letting him in the house?


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