Build Confidence: Spending the Night Away From Home & Bedwetting

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Bedwetting plagues many children, yet, until my family experienced it I had no idea that 1 in 6 kids age 4-12 wet the bed once or more per week after potty training ends.

I rely on GoodNites to help keep my children’s pajamas and beds dry until they outgrow bedwetting.

At home, bedwetting isn’t a big deal. It’s just something that happens. But the older my children get, the more self conscious they become about bedwetting when sleeping away from home.Bedwetting when sleeping away from home strategies

Whether your child wets the bed frequently or rarely, the prospect of spending the night away from home can cause anxiety and fear. Today I’m sharing strategies that help my kids feel confident when sleeping away from home.

Make sure your child knows bedwetting is common and normal. It’s not something that they can control, but they will most likely out grow it.  Remind your child that it’s just that sometimes her bladder doesn’t wake her brain in time to use the bathroom.

Do you know an adult who once dealt with bedwetting? How about an older friend or cousin. Sometimes knowing she isn’t the only one dealing with bedwetting can go a long way towards making a child feel better about bedwetting.

One of my child’s biggest worries is that someone will see her disposable bedwetting pants in the suitcase, or on the way to the bathroom to change into jammies. Creating a pouch to carry to the bathroom with a pair of bedwetting pants and a pair of jammies is a great way to make bedwetting more discrete for older children at bedtime. No more trying to make sure the GoodNites are tucked between a jammie shirt and pants, and no fear of dropping a pair of GoodNites on the way to the bathroom in front of friends. Plus this pouch is COOL! Keep reading to learn how to personalize an overnight pouch later in this post.2016-05-08_0014

2016-05-08_0015Make a plan for what to do if bedwetting happens away from home, so your child feels prepared. You can pack a plastic bag in her suitcase, so she can discretely pack away wet pajamas. Pack extra pajamas, so she can change without making a big fuss about it

Discretely talk to the adult at the overnight about ways to help your child with bedwetting, such as sending your child to the bathroom one more time late at night.

Consider GoodNites Bed Mats too for sleepover situations. A disposable mat can be slipped under the sheets for an extra layer of protection.GoodNites products

These tips should help your child feel more confident sleeping away from home in spite of bedwetting. Now, let me show you how to personalize a pouch so your child can discretely carry GoodNites and pajamas to the bathroom.2016-05-08_0019

What you need:

  • a large cosmetic pouch
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Silhouette cutter machine
  • Be Brave or Shine Silhouette files.
  • iron


Open the Silhouette software and either the Be Brave file or the Shine file. These files are already flipped for use with HTV, if you create your own design for the pouch, remember to flip the design for use with HTV.

Load your HTV, and send the design to the Silhouette. You can cut HTV with or without a cutting mat, but I prefer using my cutting mat. Build Confidence: Spending the Night Away From Home & Bedwetting

Weed the design, remember the design should be reversed.Build Confidence: Spending the Night Away From Home & Bedwetting

Lay the design on the cosmetic pouch with the shiny side facing up, and the HTV touching the pouch. Now your word should look right, it’s no longer flipped.Build Confidence: Spending the Night Away From Home & Bedwetting

Cover the design with a thin cloth, such as a handkerchief and iron the design. Hold the iron over the design for about 30 seconds.Build Confidence: Spending the Night Away From Home & Bedwetting

Peel the plastic off the design.Build Confidence: Spending the Night Away From Home & Bedwetting

Follow the same steps above for the Be Brave pouch.Build Confidence: Spending the Night Away From Home & Bedwetting
Now, pack the pouch with pajamas and GoodNites, toss it in a suitcase and your child is ready for sleeping away from home.Bedwetting strategies

Get a $2 off coupon for GoodNites and Walmart here while supplies last. If you don’t see the coupon, keep checking back for more chances to get it.GoodNites at Walmart

Do you have an other strategies to help bedwetting kids feel confident when spending the night away from home? I’d love to hear them.

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RestEasySolutions #CollectiveBias

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  1. I am so thankful that my boys night trained really easily! Glad there is something out there for kids who need a little help!

  2. You’re right- those pouches are so cute! What a neat idea to have something smaller to place in their suitcase for things like this. #client

  3. Ah…what helpful tips you offer! And how you created those pouches for their items is amazing! I thought you bought them that way – so cool that you were able to personalize it yourself! Great tutorial, too!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  4. This is such a cute post because even though I’m not a mom it’s interesting to see things from a mom’s point of view. This is a good and informative post!

  5. Those pouches were such a great idea. Personalizing them is cute, too. In this day and age of so much bullying, you have done a great service to all little ones going to their sleepovers.

  6. I LOVED the inspiration on the bag. It is very cool. I remember those days when my kids are little. It is fun when they went potty by them selves and use this diapers.

  7. I agree, the older children get the more conscious they are that wetting the bed. Luckily the cool and funky luggage helps store back ups without blowing the kids cover.

  8. I love the personal touch given in those pouches. Such a great idea to give those kids a boost of confidence to overcome bedwetting.

  9. I’ve never had a problem with my kids and bedwetting, even my 4yr old stopped wetting the bed at about 2 1/2 and she’s been dry ever since. I do agree that you need to boost their confidence and don’t let them feel like it’s a bad thing.

  10. I don’t have kids, but have friends who have kids at “that age” and yep it’s tough. Love the bag idea you suggested. And the good nights seem like a great idea!

  11. Kids often lose their confidence when they wet the bad. This used to make me feel so bad for them. During the time that the twins were potty training and had accidents, I didn’t know how to make them feel better other than encourage them and tell them to pee before going to bed. It’s tough to see them feel so ashamed. I’m glad moms today have options like this! I love the customized bags too.

  12. Hmm, I would love to offer tips against bedwetting but unfortunately I’m not up to the task. All I remember is that my nephews and nieces are being told not to wet the bed multiple times and that seems to work after a huge while. Haha.

  13. My two never had an issue with bedwetting, so I can only imagine how the kids confidence levels would be affected by it. Great products and great print outs.

  14. my confession, I was bedwetting when I was a kid and true I was always sent to sleep in my aunt’s house along with my cousins. I don’t know but it was very effective..probably because of the consciousness that I will be embarrassed if I’m not at home …oh, well I was just a kid then hahaha

  15. It is really hard to deal with this problem the kids can’t control, especially as they get older. The pouch is a great idea!

  16. My youngest dealt with bed wetting for a couple of years. I never had anything that we could send him with like these mats! They’re so great! I love the pouches. My boys need something like that for camp.

  17. My girls don’t have a problem with bedwetting, but I can only imagine how tough it could be on a kid. I love that they make products like these that work great for kids.

  18. That pouch is such a brilliant idea…. having gone through this at our house I can attest that the stress they have is real! Thanks for sharing

  19. What cute pouches, and how thoughtful to prepare your kiddos for a night away with a cute bag that lets them get ready without feeling like they have to hide anything. This is a great idea 🙂

  20. This could really help a lot! Thanks for sharing this product/brand with us. Thanks for the good feature/review too!

  21. These are great tips! Our kids haven’t really haven’t spent the night away from us, but we often go to hotels and other places. Having something just in case is so important for littles!

  22. We are in the middle of the whole potty training thing right now! We buy Good Nites all the time! Such quality and a even better price

  23. I have a friend whose son has a bedwetting problem that is related to pre-existing health issues. She struggles with his wanting to attend sleepovers and being embarrassed the next morning. This is a great way to help build his confidence.

  24. A night away from home is always a big deal. I love that there are products out that make it easier and less embarrassing for those with this problem. Love the personalized bag idea, too.

  25. Goodnights are such a good way to help kids who may have trouble with bedwetting. I love the idea of a custom pouch to help give kids the confidence to be prepared. What a great idea and they look like a really fun DIY project. Thanks so much for sharing!

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