Lazy 5 Field Trip Fun

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Our annual Lazy 5 Ranch field trip started our autumn schooling off with a bang this morning.6 Lands at Lazy 5 Ranch

There’s something about this trip that really pulls me into our school year.  I get excited for all the fun things we get to do together (at home and on field trips with friends) and for all the things we will learn together this year.  Right about now, we are inching past the slump that often comes with getting back into the swing of school- trying to figure out scheduling, finding a flow with new curriculum and new expectations. This trip signals ‘it’s fall’- my favorite season for homeschool. Books are still crisp, pencils still have their erasers, most everyone comes to the table excited to learn new things, plus it’s field trip season!Ready for our Field Trip!

Yes, I’m still posting iPhone photos. This time, I figured I’d never be able to handle my camera and the kids AND enjoy this trip.  Between Jonathan begging to get down and crawl with the animals, Emily not sitting down in time before the wagon takes off, handling 5 buckets of animal food… I did have my hands full- way too full to add a camera to them!giraffe feeding

The kids enjoyed the ranch even more than usual this year, knowing that in the next year they will (hopefully) have some critters of their own at home! Now baby goats are high on their list. After spending an hour feeding goats through a wire fence, they want some they can really get their hands on.  Emily kept asking me to put her over the fence so she could hold a baby goat.Miriamfeeding babies

As usual, the kids spent most of their time desperately trying to feed only the tiny baby goats.  I tried to convince them that the Mommas needed the food more, since the babies are still nursing.  But, there is just something irresistible about feeding the tiny babies.  Emily kept shaking her finger at the bigger goats and yelling, “No! No! No Momma, I am feeding your baby!”no no!

Personally, I love the mini-donkeys.  Soooooo cute! And there are several on our local Craigslist too.  I don’t know why I check the livestock listings every week. we plan to wait until spring since we have quite a bit of barn clean up to do and we need to let the field die back so we can check the fence line.Mini donkey Mini donkey Emmy and mini donkey

Such a wonderful day- just what we all needed! Bekah and baby goat

As I sat to write this post, I pulled up past year’s Lazy 5 posts. How much the kids have all changed! Check it out; I linked the last two trips below. The biggest change is Rebekah- It’s hard to believe how timid she once was with animals! Now animals are her favorite thing in the world. She carries an animal encyclopedia everywhere and dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

Year 1

Year 2

yum yum Add her animals

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