Horsing Around Once-a-Week Unit Study {Review}

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My 10-year-old, Rebekah, is crazy about horses. So, when Horsing Around, a once a week unity study by Homeschool Legacy arrived she could not wait to begin our review.
horse unit study

Its been a crazy year, with a very recent long break while Rob went through surgery and recovery. None of the kids were very excited about the return to school days after a break which consisted of playing with fun grandparents all day most days. This Horsing Around unit study arrived at the perfect time. It allowed all of us to get excited about returning to learning together.

One really awesome thing about unit studies by Homeschool Legacy, is that there is barely any teacher prep required. All I needed to do was read through the material and put books and movies on hold at the library. Life was still pretty out-of-sorts, but we absolutely had to get back to school work. This unit study allowed me to concentrate on other important things instead of spending hours each week planning school.

Horsing Around is appropriate for grades 2-12 and has more than enough activities to keep your family busy for a whole day of learning once a week. I really like the idea of spending a ‘fun Friday’ on the unit study, though choosing just a few activities to do each afternoon all week-long works really well too. The study (like all other unit studies by Homeschool Legacy) is aligned with American Heritage Girls and Boy Scouts, so your children can work toward badges while you complete the study. Each study incorporates Bible, quality literature, language, history, science, geography, research, arts & crafts, art & music appreciation, life skills, and field trip suggestions.

During our Horsing Around unit study we read wonderful books such as Justin Morgan had a Horse, King of the Wind, Black Beauty, and A Horse Named Funny Cide. The beginning of the unit guide also has a long list of suggested books appropriate for younger children, so they can join in the unit study. I really appreciated that since I have a Kindergartener and Preschooler too. They loved reading Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa & Billy and Blaze.

Each week of the study has a theme. One week we concentrated on breeds and characteristics. Family movie night was definitely the favorite thing for the children. I loved introducing the kids to The Black Stallion! During this week we learned about horse body parts, spent time drawing horses, and read a book about the birth of a foal.

Another favorite week concentrated on Cowboys and horses. My children now gallop around the yard playing Pony Express. Cowboy cooking over an open fire and Cowboy game night ended our unit study with a bang!

I definitely plan to stock up on more Homeschool Legacy unit studies to keep on hand. They are perfect for easing back into school after a long break, changing things up when everyone is bored or frustrated with school, or just taking some time off to focus on one topic as a family. The hardest part will be choosing which study to complete next! Current votes are for Knights & Nobles, Birds of a Feather, Native America or Revolutionary Ideas.

Homeschool Legacy Review
Want to hear more about Homeschool Legacy unit studies? You’ll find more about Horsing Around as well as many of the other unit studies available reviewed by other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Homeschool Legacy Review
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