Work and Play Hard, Snack Harder with Snack Share Save at Publix {Giveaway}

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This time of year my family is outside as much as possible. My children work hard and play harder. This week they helped dig up old overgrown rose bushes, planted over 80 bulbs, and built a fence in our pasture. Snack Share Save at Publix

Active, sweaty kids are hungry and thirsty kids. If I’m not careful I’ll hear a continuous chorus of “Mom, I’m hungry. What can I eat?” Worse, my kitchen door becomes a revolving one, and by the end of the day my kitchen is as dirty as the children.Snack Share Save at Publix

I combat the constant questions for snacks by stocking a small pantry and fridge in our cellar. The kids can help themselves while they are outside and my kitchen stays clean.Snack Share Save at Publix

Thanks to the Snack Share Save Event at Publix I can save $5 off a $25 purchase while stocking up on great snacks. This week I stocked up on yummy things like Cheetos, Yogurt and Klondike Ice Cream bars. Visit the #SnackShareSave page to view all the great snacks included in this great coupon.Snack Share Save at Publix

Sharing means saving! Save $5 on your $25 purchase of participating snacking items when you share with friends! Exclusively at Publix. Click to print your coupon! Also enter the giveaway below to win $15 Paypal cash toward stocking your pantry with snacks.

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  1. I haven’t had a Klondike bar in so long!! What a great idea to have a pantry in the basement for the kids, ps yours are adorable! 🙂

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