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Santa Came!Christmas morning the big kids came to wake us up around 7am.  Emily was not interested in waking up yet, so we left her in bed and came down to see what Santa brought.  Pretty soon she noticed that her bedmates were missing and decided to join us.  I think she wondered how these new toys were more interesting than sleeping…2012-12-29_0007 2012-12-29_0008Next, I started the cinnamon buns while the kids opened their stockings.  Rebekah was thrilled to find her favorite Ninjago, Nya.  Emily loved her Doodle bunny, though *Santa* should have known she’s still to young to be trusted with a real marker– later in the morning the marker “disappeared” with all the wrapping paper and trash.stockingsAfter a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls we moved on to opening wrapped gifts.  Emily was frustrated that she couldn’t grab the next gift under the tree and open it herself, but she eventually gave up and instead tried to steal all the toys as her siblings unwrapped them.  When it was her turn to open a gift she carried it to her spot beside Miriam, sat down and excitedly unwrapped.  Peyton was estatic to find her “Doctor Mommy” doll in one of her boxes.  Michael’s favorite gift was a DS console.  Miriam opened a tiny gift containing a scrap of paper that read, “Oops, your gift was too big to wrap, so hide your eyes and wait for your surprise!”  She opened her eyes to find a brand new aqua bicycle.  After opening gifts Rebekah disappeared.  We found her upstairs introducing her new mermaid doll to her other mermaid figures and dolls.  Baby love presentsSoon Mac-Mac, Grandma and GG arrived all the way from Virginia!  We had a lovely “snack lunch” with all kinds of dips, appetizers and sweets spread across the kitchen table.  Then we got to exchange gifts again!Christmas take 4!Emily loved her new suitcase.  Wheels are a toddlers best friend!bye byeMichael was surprised with a new pair of cowboy boots- now he can quit wear the pair that are a size and a half too small!2012-12-29_00142012-12-29_0015

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