When the Toddler is On the Move

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Mothering a toddler is exhausting! When my two-year-old became mobile he earned the nickname “Bulldozer”… or on really rough days, “THE Destructor.” 2015-12-11_0026He can level a room in a minute, emptying every shelf and breaking anything he can reach. He’s an expert at finding a stool- whether it’s an over turned box, the laundry basket, or a stack of pillows, to reach even more things.Little Mover

My answer at home is to stay outside as much as possible where my toddler can move, run, and climb with few restrictions. Outside, I can even sit in the rocking chair for a few minutes while he plays, rather than staying on right on his heels!2015-12-11_0030

My little boy is definitely on the move! Thank goodness for Huggies Little Movers!LIttle Movers

When it comes to shopping with a toddler, that really keeps me on my toes. My shopping goal is always to get in the store and back out again as quickly as possible, and to buy enough so I don’t have to shop again for at least a week.  For that reason I love to shop at Sam’s Club, where I can buy in bulk and shop less often!Sam's Club

Between our big family and my busy toddler. Sam’s is my favorite store! I can even have my diapers and wipes shipped free straight to my house from Sam’s if I don’t want to go to into the store.

What are your favorite things about Sam’s Club membership?


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  1. WE used these too!! They are definitely great for little movers, :D. My boys loved being outside at that age.

    We keep flipping between loving SAMS and the other big box more so I’m not really sure I can say my favorite thing :D. SorrY!!

  2. My sister has been struggling with this lately with her littlest one. He’s so active and loves to play with all the other kids. But he’s also not very good about getting to the bathroom. She always has him in pampers when he’s bound to get distracted playing.

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