Tales from the Circle C Ranch {review}

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My 10-year-old loves horses and identifies herself as a ‘tomboy.’ Reading doesn’t come easy for her, so unless its mandatory reading time or assigned reading, she must really be interested in a book to choose to read on her own time. I struggle to find reading material she will truly enjoy.

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review
When I was offered a book for review called Tales from the Circle C Ranch by Susan K. Marlow, I thought it might be a perfect fit for my 10-year-old. Its a book of short stories set in the 1880s about a girl named Andi who wants to be allowed to wear overalls and has adventures on a ranch. We also received a digital copy of Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook, which ties history and literature together. There are also other books about Circle C Adventures!

As I suspected Rebekah loved this book. After it arrived, for 2 days I found her on the front porch swing, laid across her bed, or in the back yard with a kitten in her lap and book in hand. She could not bear to put the book down even to eat meals! She loved Andi’s tomboy ways: how she preferred wearing overalls, disliked dressing up, was active, and loved adventure.

Rebekah’s favorite story was “White Christmas” in which Andi gets to accompany her brother to pick out their Christmas tree. Her wish for snow comes true but with it comes unexpected adventure. I was impressed by the family relationships in this chapter. While there was good-natured teasing between Andi and her brothers, the message is that family takes care of each other and they all work together to find solutions to the problem while keeping each other safe.

While we didn’t use the lapbook, since we are on summer break and traveling so much, I think it is a really great resource to use alongside this book. I plan to use it with Rebekah at the beginning of the school year. She was often frustrated by book reports last year, needing more specific prompts and help finding the most important parts of her reading. I think this lapbook will help her learn to look for the most important information and teach her different ways to report the information and share what she learned. Having never made a lapbook before I appreciate the clear instructions included about the construction of the book and how to use the pieces.

I love the historical section for each chapter. What a great way to incorporate real learning about the time period while reading the book. It seems like a great way to help information really stick, since it will be tied in Rebekah’s mind with memories of a book she really enjoyed. The historical information was so interesting I found myself reading every word as I looked over the lapbook content! I learned about breeching, general stores, and more. I’m excited about Rebekah reading and learning this information next year.

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  1. This looks like a fantastic little book for sure. I think some of my lower level students could benefit from this book series. Thanks for sharing.

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