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Family Game Night Christmas Gift Guide

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When it comes to gift giving, you can’t go wrong with a great game. The winter season often means long hours cooped up inside and too much screen time. Gift games this Christmas to encourage quality family time in place of electronics time during those long days.
Family Game Night Christmas Gift Guide

In this Family Game Night Christmas Gift Guide you’ll find brand new must-have games for gifting this Christmas!

Boom Blast Stix – The entire family will love this explosive high stakes stacking game. Each play locks his Stix piece and carefully adds it to the stack.The player that causes the stack to explode loses.

Tricky Trunks – This brand new game from Blue Orange is perfect for preschool and early elementary aged children. Race to pick up the colored marbles with the trunk of your elephant. Challenge cards keep the game fresh with different tasks to perform such as picking up all the marbles of one color or picking up a certain combination of marbles.

Roller Coaster Challenge – Build an amusement park in your living room with this engaging game. Grab a challenge card and being your roller coaster as it shows, then create a working roller coaster with the remaining game pieces. Test out your roller coaster by sending a real coaster car down your track. This game is a great mix of logic and creativity for kids ages 6 and up.

Kingdomino – Dominoes meets kingdom building in this fun game. Build your kingdom by connecting tiles to matching terrain.

Rover Control – Learn to think like a programmer as you help your Rover explore Mars. Use critical thinking skills to correctly color the pathways to keep the Rovers on course. Perfect for kids ages 8 and up.

Flying Kiwis – Launch your Kiwis into the fruit crate so they can hitch a ride to paradise. This game reminds me of the table football game we used to play in the cafeteria launching folded paper footballs at hands held up to resemble goal posts. I guarantee you the hold family is going to want to send these Kiwis flying on family game night!

Color Cube Sudoku – Practice your sudoku skills with this color cube sudoku game. Flip and rearrange the 9 color cubes on a 3×3 trial until each cooler appears only once in each row and column.

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