Don’t Live Life Interrupted, Adventure with Confidence

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If my kids are having fun, I want to be right there with them. Most evenings you’ll find us outside playing after dinner. Some evenings I take a breather reading a book in my rocking chair while they play. But usually, when I hear, “Mom will you play catch with me?” Or “Lets play kickball!” I’m up and playing too.Don't live live interrupted, adventure with confidence

Having 6 children means that light bladder leaks can put a damper on all that activity. I never want to let LBL stop me from jumping in to play or work with my children.  Instead of worrying or avoiding activity I can rely on Poise to stay fresh. No more living life interrupted due to light bladder leakage.Don't live live interrupted, adventure with confidence

Instead of being a ‘sit-it-out’ Momma, I’m an adventuring Momma. After grabbing my Poise from Kroger, and stocking my purse. I’m always ready for whatever life and my kids can throw at me. No missed adventuring opportunities for this family!Don't live live interrupted, adventure with confidence

On beautiful days, you’ll find us loading up to hike a trail, explore a park, or ride our bicycles.Don't live live interrupted, adventure with confidence

Chores are a family affair at our house.  Out here in the county, there are a lot of chores. The pig, the yard, the garden- they all require attention. Several days a week, you’ll find me chasing a pig back to her pen. Thanks to Poise I never worry about staying fresh even while working on the farm.Don't live live interrupted, adventure with confidence

When I pack for a weekend hiking and exploring in the mountains, I know Poise will allow me to keep up with my children all weekend long.Don't live live interrupted, adventure with confidence

While they want me adventuring, working, and playing beside them, I’ll be there!

Don’t live your life interrupted click here to save $1.00 on any Poise Liner or Pad, 30-66ct at Kroger until March 13, while supplies last.

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Poise, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #poiseatkroger

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  1. Thankfully I don’t have LBL issues, but there is a group of ladies in my zumba class that groan anytime a song with jumps come on 🙂

  2. I think it’s important as a mom to be able to do everything right alone with your kids without worrying about leaks. It looks like you’re not letting anything slow your life down!

  3. It’s important for moms to have everything they need to be able to keep up with their kids! And you have 6, I can only imagine how demanding they can get! It’s good to know that you have something to rely on in case “lady problems” occur. Keep yourself young by playing with the kids like you always do!

  4. Sounds this is a great product! Good thing I don’t have a period problem. Glad you shared it, this will be helpful.

  5. I don’t have these issues either but my mom definitely did at a young age so I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes along soon. Poise will definitely be helpful.

  6. Worrying about things like LBL can definitely keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. It’s great that Poise can make people feel more confident.

  7. This will be helpful to a lot of women, thanks for sharing. I’m there are many women out there with these same issues and knowing they aren’t alone is a big help.

  8. Moms can’t let anything slow them down especially issues like this! Thank goodness for products like this and the fact that they’re so discreet! No embarrassing moments.

  9. Poise makes high quality products that truly come in handy when I need them. Exploring the mountains seem super fun.

  10. I would have to say that being prepared is half the battle so it looks like you are ready. Gives you more time to spend with your kiddos 😉

  11. After 4 kids …anything goes! First of all – those children are adorbs! Then I completely love the need of assistance every now and again

  12. It’s nice to know there are products that are effective and help. I like to play with the kids when we’re outside too. 🙂

  13. Its the first time that I have encountered LBL. I’m glad there’s a solution for it. It would be such a buzzkill to not be able to have fun with your kids because of it.

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