Keep the Peace with a Piece of Pie on Pi Day

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When it comes to sisters, getting along can be a struggle. I often remind my girls that their sisters will be their best and most trusted friends. But, at 5 and 8 years old that truth is often lost in the middle of a squabble.

What better way to promote a fabulous sister friendship than planning and partying together? This week my little girls planned a Princess Sister Party for Pi Day

When planning a princess party with these two, the choice of pie caused quite a disagreement. I really can’t blame them, with so many delicious choices I couldn’t choose either! Since it’s Pi day, the perfect time to promote “piece” through coming together over a delicious pie, we settled that argument the best way possible when it comes to dessert. We bought both!

It turns out that each girl agreed that her sister’s choice was just as delicious as her own when given the opportunity to have TWO slices of pie on Pi day!

This Pi Day, Edwards Desserts is facilitating a day of peace by inviting folks to push pause and share “piece” instead.

Celebrate Pi Day by making a “piece offering” using Edwards Pie! EDWARDS® pies have a fresh-from-the-oven cookie crumb crust, filled with velvety layers of creamy richness and dusted with decadent toppings.

Pie can’t solve it all, but it can be a (delicious) way for people to come together for one day to have a conversation. Head over to the EDWARDS® pies Facebook page for more Pi Day fun!

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