Friday Wrap Up

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Fast Forward

Anyone else feel like time is on fast forward? Lately, I feel like the day is just getting started and BAM it’s afternoon!

I think it comes down to not sleeping well lately, and as a result sleeping in too much each morning. Jonathan is cutting molars and having some stomach issues that often have us up in the night. It seems he crashes hard about the time I should be thinking of getting up for the day- and I sleep an extra hour with him instead.

He’s a busy boy, and down to one nap a day too, so I feel like I’m running three steps behind most of the time!

Blah, Blah, Blah, right? Excuses, excuses! Anyway- that’s where I am right now. The must dos (and often not even all of those) are about all I can get done at the moment!

JonathanDon't want to take a nap

Speaking of Jonathan…

He’s suddenly more toddler than baby. He’s almost completely lost his ‘toddle’ waddle. He still has a flat-footed, slap, slap, slap as he walks, but the wide toddle is gone. He can almost run!

He looks up at me and says, “Ma-ma.”

He’s learned the art of climbing, but not the art of the dismount. Which means a lot of running for this Momma!climbing Jonathan


Another thing that’s making my day fly by is school.  Usually school runs from 9am to noon here. Lately, its often 10am before we sit down, due to late starts. Plus, I find I need to do school one-on-one with my kindergartener. Phonics and reading need undivided, quiet attention. She and I do school during the baby’s one nap in the afternoon. That same nap that is usually my shower time, cleaning time, everything that is hard to do with a busy toddler time.

School lasts all day. I keep reminding myself that school is the most important thing on my plate. Once my kindergartener is reading well, she will transition back to morning school with the big kids and we’ll once again have afternoons free for crafting, cleaning, and other things.IMG_3425

We’re half-way through the year! Which is pretty awesome considering our many transitions this year.  We might just finish by early May after all!

Schools are closed in our county due to ice, but not for this crew! We will take a 'sun' day in the spring instead! They aren't really happy about that at this moment though.    (or in their opinion this morning)Electronics

We suddenly made the jump from a low electronics household to a high electronic household. I’m struggling to figure out how much time to allow the kids to use electronics, and also how to manage that time without making me crazy doing it.  I don’t want to be the electronic police, and I also don’t want to hear, “Can I, Can I, Can I” all day long. Do I give each child a set amount of time each day, and/or a window of time? Do you group all screen and electronics time together in a time allowance, or separate them?

Please share your house rules with me and how you implement them!!!  I really need some ideas!

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  1. oh my gosh girl, your plate is so full! those are not excuses… my friend once told me, do what you have to do to get by in that moment. you will always be doing your best, including sleeping in because you need the rest to be a better mommy. my boy is 21 months, and we watch a little sesame street in the morning and evenings when he gets home from daycare, and he also has asthma, so we let him watch videos (of himself, which he LOVES lol) while he is doing his nebulizer treatments. if/when we have a second child, i know ill be relying on those devices more often when i need time to get a few things done.

  2. On my ‘I don’t care days’… our rule is no electronics on Monday and if time allows… 45 minutes on the electronic of your choice. There are some days they ask to play and I simply say ‘no’ because it’s too close to bedtime or we are simply having fun family time. It took a while for them to accept it, but they are pretty much okay with it and they are 9, 8 and 3 year old girls.

  3. First of all, love how you’re homeschooling your children.
    I have one child and he craves the socializing at pre-k..

    But back on topic, my son is allowed tablet time but I set the timer on my oven or phone to limit it.
    He can read the clock, I tell him how much time he has and the oven timer is loud enough that he can hear it from any room in the house.

  4. Now please take into consideration that my daughter is almost 2 so this is not a huge issue but to limit what my husband and I were spending on electronics…We do what is called Tech Time. We will continue this with our daughter. What you do is you give a set amount of hours in a day, say 3. The person can then choose to spend that time however they wish, all at once or spread out. When that time is up the electronics go off. We have timers on our phone we got use to starting and stopping. It has really helped. This idea also helped my best friend with her 8 year old daughter who was getting lost in the tablet she got for her bday.

  5. We make our kids earn their time. They need to have exercised and read (and of course finished up chores and homework). On school nights, it is no more than 30 minutes. On the weekend, it is an hour a day. However, by doing research projects on their tablets (which they email us what they learned) they can earn extra time.

  6. I have a 14 month old and so I totally relate to how you are feeling with Jonathan. They are growing up way too fast. I home schooled for a few years and loved it! I love seeing other families doing it and am seriously considering it for my own children one day.

  7. I don’t have any kids, but when you asked for your thoughts on screentime, I thought back to when I was younger, plus how I need someone to regulate me!
    I had a friend whose mom would give them strips of colored paper (different colors had different amounts of time on them) and they would get the strips of paper when they did different chores, behaved well, etc. (the time they got was proportionate to what they did). They each had a little pouch on their bedroom door to display them, too! I was always kind of jealous that my mom never did cool stuff like that.
    Then, when they wanted to play Nintendo, which is all we had back then, they could redeem their coupons with their mom. I don’t know if she ever set a limit on how many at a time, though.
    Currently, I find that I have way too much screentime, even thought I’m an adult and we even got rid of Satellite! I want to concentrate on reading and writing more, but I still find myself compelled to Google some weird thing that I thought of, work on my blog, etc.

  8. We don’t have set rules for electronic times. Some days my son uses them more and others he doesn’t it really just kind of depends on the day and both of our moods.

  9. We try to temper the amount of electronics that are used in the classroom. On weekends, we have started allowing some screen time – but try to keep it to a one-show maximum. We have been playing YouTube heavily on the phone, but just for music – since she’s up dancing to it and not staring at the screen, we’re sort of not even counting that in our calculations.

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