Big Family = Cleaning Chaos

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House cleaning in a big family home is like running a relay race… on the side of a cliff.

On the even flat ground the race is enjoyable, steady, easy and even fun.  Everyone is pitching in and schedules aren’t too full; house cleaning is a well oiled machine.  Things get done, routines are kept, and it’s satisfying to work together.

Then the incline starts and it’s easy to fall behind and get exhausted.  Just upsetting the routine slightly, such as when the baby refuses her morning nap, can cause us to fall behind in the race.  No worries, it only takes a few minutes of hard effort from the team and suddenly the cleaning is again manageable and we are in the lead once more.

And then unexpectedly, the ground gets rocky and steep; children get sick, schedules get too busy (or mom gets lazy) and WHAM suddenly I’ve fallen off the mountain!

That’s where I am this morning, and it IS discouraging, especially since I was just commending myself last week for being ahead for the moment–the house was straight and clean, laundry washed and put away, homemade desserts waiting for weekend enjoyment.  But, in a big family it is often just a moment.  It only takes a hiccup to throw everything back to falling off the cliff chaos.

Thankfully I have my team!  This morning we’ll pull together, taking turns occupying baby, folding clothes, putting away, sweeping floors and by dinnertime we’ll be at a presentable level again.

Big families make huge messes very quickly, but the beauty is that we can also clean up those messes quite quickly with team work!


Because I cannot convince myself to make a post without a photo…here is my beautiful preschooler.

This is an age I adore, when fairy costumes and princess dresses are daily wardrobe.


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