Corral Toiletries with an Easy Personalized Acrylic Tray

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I’m delighted to hand Big Family Blessings over to my daughter, Miriam, for the day as she shares a fun and easy tutorial to personalize an acrylic tray! 


Hi, this is Miriam. I am going to share a tutorial on how to make this pretty personalized acrylic toiletry tray.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries When stuff isn’t organized it drives me crazy because I can’t find anything! This tray solves that problem by keeping toiletries together and organized.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries

I’m the oldest sister in my family and a share a room and bathroom with younger siblings, who want to “be big” and use my stuff. This personalized acrylic tray is great because I can move it out of their reach to keep my things safe.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries Whether you put this decorated acrylic tray on the bathroom counter or on your dresser, it keeps all of your toiletries together in one spot so you can use your products whenever needed.

So lets get started…


  • acrylic tray
  • adhesive vinyl
  • transfer tape


First choose an acrylic tray that is the size and shape you want. Pick a color vinyl that matches your decor.

Using silhouette software choose a letter for the tray. Search the silhouette store, or use a font you already have to make the letter. Measure the tray to determine a good size for the letter. Remember to flip the letter in the silhouette software before cutting it out, since you’ll adhere the vinyl to the underside of the tray. I also chose a pretty morocan flower design for my tray, I didn’t have to reverse cut these because the flowers were symmetrical. I cut 4 flowers, one for each corner.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries

Weed the letter and designs. Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries Place them under the tray to make sure you like the size and placement.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries

Using transfer tape adhere the vinyl stickers to the bottom of the tray. Stick the designs on lightly and then flip the tray over to be sure you like the placement.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries

If you’re happy with the tray, press the stickers down firmly before removing the transfer tape.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries

See, wasnt that easy and fun? In just a few minutes you have a pretty toiletry tray to keep toiletries organized. This personalized acrylic tray was so easy and fun that I plan to make more for my friends! It is easy to personalize so I can make each one unique, to fit my friends different personalities.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY acrylic tray tutorial!


I think we’ll be seeing more of Miriam around the blog in the future!

At 12 years old, I’m often reminded how quickly Miriam is growing. Suddenly she’s more teen than child, and her daily morning and night routines are changing to reflect that. She needed a place to corral all her toiletries and this personalized acrylic tray project was the perfect thing. While at Walmart shopping for supplies for her tray, we picked up products from AcneFree so she can get started with good skin care habits. AcneFree products help treat and control acne for healthy looking skin.Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries

Miriam already loves my electric face brush, so she was really excited about the AcneFree Sonic Advanced Cleaning Duo, which includes a purifying facial cleansing brush and oil-free purifying cleanser (which clears blackheads and acne breakouts). The facial cleansing brush uses dermal stimulation technology to remove dirt and oil while gently exfoliating skin. I’m a fan of the soft silicone head, which doesn’t need replacement brushes since its durable and easy to clean! Decorate an acrylic tray to organize toiletries

We also bought products from the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Line, a new 3-Step line that helps rebalance acne-prone skin:

  • Step 1 – Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash – a dermatologist tested, pore targeting formula with patented avocado extract technology shown to reduce both oil and shine. It’s soap-free and clean rinsing, with 2% salicylic acid as the active ingredient to prevent new acne from forming.
  • Step 2 – Daily Skin Therapy Pads – soothing menthol pads which leave your face feeling refreshed and clean while opening blocked pores! 
  • Step 3 – Daily Skin Therapy Complexion Perfecting Cream – a lightweight cream containing advanced retinol technology which allows a controlled release of retinol all day long. It contains skin conditioners and humectants to renew skin’s appearance and help keep the skin moisturized.

I think this combination will start Miriam on a great skin care regimen. 

AcneFree at Walmart

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